Only on Fox: Cable channel aired photos of aliens attacking Library Tower

Only on Fox: Cable channel aired photos of aliens attacking Library Tower

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In a February 9 speech, President Bush disclosed details of what he described as a foiled Al Qaeda plot to fly a commercial plane into the tallest building in Los Angeles. Shortly after his speech concluded, Fox News aired numerous images from the 1996 film Independence Day (Twentieth Century Fox) showing the reported target of the attack -- the Library Tower, now known as the U.S. Bank Tower -- being destroyed by alien invaders.

On the February 9 edition of CNN Live Today, anchor Daryn Kagan also noted that the tower "was depicted as being blown up" in Independence Day, but, unlike Fox, CNN did not show movie images of the building being attacked.

From the February 9 edition of Fox News Live:

BRIGITTE QUINN (Anchor): And again, back to what the president was saying a little while ago, this morning, in his speech on the "war on terror." He talked about the U.S. Bank Tower -- otherwise known as the Library Tower. We've been showing you pictures of that throughout the morning. A little background on that building that was apparently the target of a second wave of attacks that was to have been perpetrated by Al Qaeda. There are some pictures; and that's one from the movie -- the 1996 movie Independence Day. You might remember that. It was the -- I guess the first building to be destroyed by the alien invaders in that movie, so, certainly a landmark. A couple of other factoids about it. The building was designed to withstand an earthquake; unclear how it would've withstood an attack by an airplane.

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