Only on Fox: Bush administration talking points repeated as unbalanced " DaySide Facts"


On the November 17 edition of Fox News' DaySide, in which Rep. J.D. Hayworth (R-AZ) and Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) appeared during a panel discussion, a series of "DaySide Facts" appeared as on-screen text reflecting only Bush administration claims that the administration did not mislead the country about prewar Iraq intelligence. One of those included a "fact" that Bush said: "Democrats looked at the same intelligence I did." While it is accurate that Bush did in fact say this in response to criticism that the administration "manipulated intelligence," Media Matters for America has documented that this claim is false. The sequence of "DaySide Facts" during the Hayworth/Rangel discussion did not include a Democratic response.

The "DaySide Facts," in order:

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