Coulter on Helen Thomas: "What is it with these Arabs and suicide?"


On her personal website, right-wing pundit Ann Coulter linked to a Drudge Report item on Hearst Newspapers columnist Helen Thomas's alleged vow to "kill herself" should Vice President Dick Cheney run for president. Thomas, a former White House correspondent for United Press International, is of Lebanese descent. The link, listed on the website's front page under the heading "Quotations from Chairman Ann," was accompanied by the statement: "What is it with these Arabs and suicide?"

This is not the first time Coulter has mentioned race in smearing Thomas. In her February 23 nationally syndicated column, Coulter referred to Thomas as "that old Arab." Universal Press Syndicate, which has syndicated Coulter's columns since 1999, edited the description to read "that dyspeptic, old Helen Thomas." Coulter, however, posted the unedited version on her website under the Universal copyright -- to which Universal never agreed. As a result, Universal and Coulter negotiated an agreement regarding the use of copyright labels on

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