MSNBC's Dietl asserted in the event of nuclear attack by Muslims, U.S. should threaten to bomb Islam's "most religious places"


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Calling in to The Radio Factor, MSNBC analyst Bo Dietl told Fox News host and Radio Factor guest host John Gibson that, in the event of a nuclear attack by Muslim terrorists, the United States should declare "holy war" and threaten to "bomb the most religious places."

From the July 22 broadcast of Westwood One's The Radio Factor With Bill O'Reilly:

DIETL: Here's a question, John. What would happen -- you know there's about 38 nuclear devices -- briefcase bombs -- that are still missing from the Republic of Russia over the years. What would happen if simultaneously a nuclear bomb went off in Los Angeles, then one went off in New York? What would the president of the United States do against this great Muslim, love-thy-neighbor nonsense?

You know, if you read the Quran, really read the Quran, and if you learn about what's going on in Saudi Arabia, about this Wahhabism, it is -- they can not co-exist with us. They have to wipe out everybody unless you become one of them. So if that happens, you think the president of the United States would make a statement if there's another nuclear bomb, we're going to bomb Mecca, we're gonna bomb the most religious places. This is a holy war.

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