Bork: Sen. Kennedy "has become the Joe McCarthy of the extreme left wing"


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In discussing his 1987 confirmation battle, defeated Supreme Court nominee Robert H. Bork called Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-MA) "the Joe McCarthy of the extreme left wing."

From the July 6 edition of Fox News' Hannity & Colmes:

ALAN COLMES (co-host): Is there a time when you would have been confirmed in our history, or in recent modern times, when you would have made it to the Supreme Court?

BORK: Oh, yes.


BORK: Oh, I think if the Republicans had controlled the Senate, I would have made it, or if the White House had been prepared for the kind of onslaught that occurred and had been ready to fight back, it probably would have gone all right, too. But it occurred at a very unfortunate time. The Republicans did not control the Senate, and the White House was unprepared to do battle.

COLMES: And Ted Kennedy said some very strong statements about you, talked about what kind of America it would be. Do you bear any animosity or ill will toward him because of the comments he made about you at that time?

BORK: No, I didn't think much of him before he made any comments about me --


BORK: -- so it didn't really affect me in any way. Teddy Kennedy has become the Joe McCarthy of the extreme left wing.

COLMES: Joe McCarthy?

SEAN HANNITY (co-host): He really -- well, his statements about you, Judge, were outrageous.

COLMES: Joe McCarthy?

HANNITY: There's no doubt about it. And you can start questioning him and lecturing him about his past, and we know some of his instances. Thank you, Judge. All the best. We appreciate your coming on the program.

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