Fox’s Roginsky: Trump’s Event At A Black Church “Is A Campaign Commercial” For Which He Has “Editing Rights”

Roginsky: Trump “Is Not Speaking To A Black Audience. He Is Going To A Back Room With A Pastor”

From the September 2 edition of Fox News’ Outnumbered:

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JULIE ROGINSKY (CO-HOST): Let's be clear. He is not speaking to a black audience. He is going to a back room with a pastor. He has gotten the questions pre-submitted to him --


ROGINSKY: Listen, let me finish my point. Let me finish my point. He has designed the answer. He has no problem going to a town in Wisconsin that is vastly white and discussing the plight of the black community in front of a huge white audience but he has no ability to do that in front of a black audience, to look them in the face and repeat those same points.

TUCKER CARLSON: What is wrong with speaking to white audience? 

ROGINSKY: Nothing is wrong speaking to a white audience, but --  

CARLSON: Then why did you note it twice? 

ROGINSKY: I noted it twice because he was talking to white audience about the issues that plagued the black community. 

CARLSON: What’s wrong with that?

ROGINSKY: Why doesn’t he do that to the black community?

CARLSON: Well I guess he’s going to do it.

ROGINSKY: No he’s not, actually, Tucker. He’s actually not --


CARLSON: But everyone has television, you can see what he says by turning it on.

ROGINSKY: No, it is not television. I’m sorry, it’s behind closed doors, no press allowed. 

DAGEN MCDOWELL (CO-HOST): No, it’s being broadcast after the fact. 

ROGINSKY: After the fact, after it’s been edited. They have editing rights. 

CARLSON: Whatever, we know what Trump thinks, he’s going to tell you on Twitter. I mean, he’s not hiding what he thinks. 

ROGINSKY: No, excuse me, excuse me, no. It’s a huge difference. He has editing power over this tape. You know what this is, this is a campaign commercial. 

MCDOWELL: There are questions and then he will also make remarks after the fact and it will be seen. 


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