Fox Business panelist: Can we call special counsel Robert Mueller “Anthrax Bob?”

From the November 30 edition of Fox Business' Mornings with Maria Bartiromo:

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MARIA BARTIROMO (HOST): [The president] is referring to the Mueller probe and Michael Cohen's guilty plea about lying. He's a real estate developer, Heather, do you see anything here in terms of him considering putting a building in Russia and then deciding against it?

HEATHER HIGGINS (INDEPENDENT WOMEN'S VOICE): Last I checked, investing in Russia is legal.


HIGGINS: Discussing investing in Russia is legal.

BARTIROMO: -- is legal. Yeah.

HIGGINS: The crimes for which people have been indicted by [special counsel Robert] Mueller are things like the timing of the recollection that they had. The Russians who were brought to heel were not for crimes having to do with Trump. There is a -- this is something that ought to concern everyone, is what happens when you have the unbridled power of the special prosecutor trying to wring at the threat of peril of extraordinarily disproportionate sentences, some sort of information that advances their political agenda.

BARTIROMO: Right, anything that says anything about Russia is sort of --

HIGGINS: Can we call him Anthrax Bob? Because he is so revered, this is the man who for five years pursued somebody who clearly was not the cause of anthrax and wasted all of this taxpayer money on an investigation, Bob Mueller.

BARTIROMO: You're calling Robert Mueller Anthrax Bob?

HIGGINS: Anthrax Bob.


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