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  • Fact-Free Fox Assault: Labor Unions Are "Parasites" That Are "Not Doing Anything" For Workers

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    Fox News continued its assault on the labor movement during a Cashin' In panel discussion that characterized unions as parasitic "vestigial" lobbying organizations that do nothing for their members and harm the economy. As evidence of their claims, the panel referenced a decades-long decline in union membership, but ignored the sustained political assault behind the drop as well as the empirically established economic benefits of a robust labor movement.

    On the September 14 edition of Fox News' Cashin' In, host Eric Bolling introduced a segment about union membership drives and protests taking place this month, asking whether the effort was "bad for workers."

    Fox regular Jonathan Hoenig explained that the membership drive was necessary, because unions are "parasites" that "need new blood."

    Guest Sabrina Schaeffer complained that unions are "no longer representing workers. They're representing political views." She added that labor unions provide "very, very little" to their members.

    Fox guest Wayne Rogers argued that unions are "vestigial," saying, "They're not doing anything for the worker."

    The panel blamed unionized workers for the demise of Hostess, the textile industry, and the health of the overall economy while gloating that union membership has reached a 40 year low.

    Bolling's panel was content to dedicate their airtime to glib metaphors and baseless attacks, ignoring a more substantive discussion on the reasons for declining union membership and the benefits that organized labor provide to union worker, non-union workers, and the economy as a whole.

  • Fox Contributor Appears To Be Violating Network Rules By Pitching "Predatory" Loans

    Can Fox Be Bothered To Enforce Its Own Rules?

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    In response to criticism over then-host Glenn Beck endorsing a gold company, Fox News claimed in 2009 that it "prohibits any on-air talent from endorsing products or serving as a product spokesperson." Today, Fox's enforcement of that policy appears to be lax, if in existence at all.  

    Fox News contributor and financial analyst Wayne Rogers is currently a "paid TV spokesperson" for a company pitching reverse mortgages to senior citizens. Fox has previously reported that "there's a lot of evidence" that reverse mortgages are "predatory loans." Media Matters noted that Fox News contributor Keith Ablow is also serving as a "spokesperson" and infomercial host for a diet company called GOLO.

    Fox has frequently turned to questionable voices like Rogers for financial analysis. Fox last month was forced to fire analyst Tobin Smith for receiving compensation to promote the stock of Petrosonic Energy, a violation of network policy. Charles Payne, a contributor and frequent guest host for Fox News and Fox Business, was similarly compensated to endorse the now worthless stocks of at least three companies. In 2012, Fox News and Fox Business hosted John Thomas Financial CEO Thomas Belesis at least 24 times, with Fox News host Neil Cavuto calling him a "friend," and someone with "a good track record" who "I'd vote for"; Belesis was later charged with charged with defrauding investors and physically threatening associates.

    Rogers appears in a commercial for Senior Home Loans (SHL), where he's identified as a "Paid TV Spokesperson," "TV Financial Expert," and an actor from MASH. He's also prominently featured on the company's website.

    An April 27, 2012, press release from SHL announced Rogers' hiring as a spokesperson by noting his Fox News affiliation in the first sentence: "Wayne Rogers, well known professional actor, Broadway Producer, news contributor to the Fox Network (cashin) coupled with over forty years of experience in investments has signed on to be the spokes person for a national reverse mortgage ad campaign representing Senior Home Loans, a division of Continental Home Loans."