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  • Right-Wing Media Lambaste Obama For Not Visiting Flooded Louisiana, Despite Governor’s Request That He Not Come


    Right-wing media are criticizing President Obama for not visiting Louisiana following widespread flooding, saying “the feeling is, does [Obama] really even … care” and attacking him for not ending his “golfing vacation,” ignoring the fact that Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards has publicly requested that Obama not visit due to fear it would drain state resources.

  • Trump's Non-Apology Is Being Spun As His Latest Presidential Pivot

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    Media again hyped a “pivot” and a “new tone” for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump after he said in a speech read off of a teleprompter that he “regret[ed]” “sometimes … say[ing] the wrong thing” and using rhetoric that “may have caused personal pain.” Trump gave the speech hours after his spokesperson suggested that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton might have a language disorder caused by brain damage.

  • Fox News Invents Obama Hypocrisy On Strengthening Gun Violence Prevention Laws

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    Fox News invented a flip-flop by President Obama, contrasting the president's support for strengthening gun violence prevention laws with a position he took in 1999 on whether to try certain juveniles who committed a gun crime as an adult.

    On Wednesday, Obama proposed mandatory criminal background checks for all gun sales; banning assault weapons, high-capacity magazines, and possession of armor-piercing ammunition; calling for funding for research into gun violence and additional police officers on the streets and at schools; and improving mental health services.

    On Fox & Friends, co-host Steve Doocy and the Daily Caller's Vince Coglianese purported to contrast Obama's support for those measures with the fact that as an Illinois state senator in 1999, Obama voted "present" on a 1999 state law that provides for adult criminal prosecution of minors who were at least 15 and fired a gun near a school.

    But there is no inconsistency between the two positions. None of Obama's proposals involve trying more juveniles as adults.

    Furthermore, Obama did not oppose the bill because he opposed strengthening gun laws. Rather, he made clear during debate on the 1999 bill that he opposed the Illinois law because of a general objection to automatically treating juveniles as adults, and that the Illinois legislature had just reformed the juvenile justice code to limit how often juveniles were transferred to adult courts:

  • Daily Caller Distorts American Jobs Created By Green Energy Loans

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    First Solar via TreehuggerThe Daily Caller recently reported that "$3.1 billion in DOE loan guarantees" to First Solar "created mostly overseas jobs." In fact, the chairman of First Solar testified before Congress that "all the jobs directly created with the loan guarantees" are American.

    The Daily Caller embedded video of his testimony in its report, but apparently didn't watch it all the way through. Neither did right-wing news aggregator Weasel Zippers, which ran with a similarly misleading headline.

    In a House Oversight Committee hearing, Chairman Darrell Issa attempted to make hay of the fact that First Solar, which is based in Arizona and employs thousands in the U.S., also has solar projects and employees overseas. But Michael Ahearn, the chairman of First Solar, clarified that the loan guarantees only support projects in the U.S.:

    REP. DARRELL ISSA (R-CA): OK, so jobs created with loan guarantees, stimulus, and others, basically not American.

    MICHAEL AHEARN, FIRST SOLAR: No, no, all those jobs are American and all the jobs directly created with the loan guarantee.