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  • How Fringe Media Helped Turn A Conspiracy-Loving SNL Star Into A Politician


    (Image from Jackson's 2010 video, "There's a Communist Living in the White House)

    When former Saturday Night Live cast member Victoria Jackson announced this week that she will be seeking political office in Tennessee, it capped perhaps the most bizarre recent career in fringe conservative media.

    After appearing on SNL in the 80's, Jackson had largely faded from public view until she reshaped herself in recent years as a tea party activist and conservative bomb-thrower. Her proclamations that Obama is definitely a communist and possibly the Antichrist sparked something of a second career, leading to a stint as a columnist for conspiracy website WND, a web-TV series, occasional Fox News interviews, and regular appearances at conservative and tea party events. 

    This week, Jackson "filed to run as an independent candidate for a seat on a county commission outside Nashville, Tenn."

  • Victoria Jackson Thinks Obama's "Private Army" Might Kill Her

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    jacksonVictoria Jackson is a reliable source of unhinged claims about President Obama -- for example, she has claimed that Obama "bears traits that resemble the anti-Christ" and asserted that "Obama legally kills babies and now he can legally kill Grandmas!" But she really pegged the crazy meter with her July 15 WorldNetDaily column, headlined "The 3 scariest things about Obama":

    1. private army (like Hitler)

    2. socialist (like Hitler)

    3. media control (like Hitler)

    A clause hidden in the Obamacare bill, which is now law, gives Obama the right to form a private army.

    Why isn't anyone freaking out?

    Hitler did this.

    Hitler, like Obama, was a "socialist" who came from a dysfunctional family, had a communist father who abused alcohol, womanized and sired several children from different mothers, had a white mother, suffered child abuse and neglect, moved often, lied about his birth and heritage, changed his name, was a narcissist, rose to power with the help of disreputable men, had the Rothschilds as financial backers, stirred up racial conflict and class warfare, wrote a biography about race at age 35, followed up with another book used to launch a political career, supported infanticide (partial-birth abortion), gave big speeches in stadiums, promised change and a new social order, had youth groups singing his praises, used propaganda, used voter fraud and intimidation, controlled the media, created "crises," used a poor economy, hated Jews (Israel), pretended to be "Christian," advocated population control and euthanasia, socialized medicine, formed a private army and then … killed his political opposition with his private army.

    Well, I am Obama's political opposition. That's why I am concerned.

    Jackson's rant is outlandish, of course, but it's also based on a falsehood that simply refuses to die. As we explained the last time Jackson made this claim, the health care reform law did not create a "private army" for Obama to "kill his political opposition." It establishes a "ready reserve corps" of medical personnel inside the Public Health Service to respond to medical emergencies. The corps would be an adjunct of the Commissioned Corps, which has been around for more than 200 years. shot down this conspiracy theory more than a year ago, yet people like Fox News' Andrew Napolitano -- a clip of whom Jackson included in her column -- are still promoting it.

    To more succinctly answer Jackson's question about why nobody is "freaking out" over this: because it isn't true.

  • "I'm Good Friends With Glenn": CPAC Attendees Weigh In On Beck/Kristol Feud


    In the wake of Weekly Standard editor and Fox News contributor Bill Kristol calling out Glenn Beck for his "hysteria" over Egypt, prominent conservatives have been choosing sides.

    Beck has responded by lashing out at critics -- including telling people that call him "crazy" because of his New World Order theory to "go to hell" -- and wrongly insisting that articles in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal have proven him right.

    This weekend was not a particularly good one for Team Beck - as we noted, Bill O'Reilly and several Fox News guests directly contradicted Beck's Egypt theories on Friday night.

    During his regular "At Your Beck and Call" segment, O'Reilly challenged Beck, going so far as to say "I don't see it," and adding that "there's no evidence that says I'm not right."

    But while prominent conservatives distanced themselves from Beck's incoherence, Beck found solid support from a couple attendees at CPAC.

    WorldNetDaily's Jerome Corsi, whose love for conspiracy theories leads him to say things like Obama "has stolen the identity of a natural born citizen" and is "using someone else's Social Security number," said that he and WND have "supported Glenn Beck" and that "Glenn Beck is right on it." Corsi referenced a piece by fellow WND writer Aaron Klein, in which Klein wrote that he was "compelled to join Glenn Beck's side":

  • The miseducation of Victoria Jackson

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    In her latest WorldNetDaily column (yes, she's a WND columnist), former Saturday Night Live actress Victoria Jackson writes, "Liberals teach, but it's mostly lies. ... Why would I want to be a liberal? I love truth not deception." Well, not so much.

    Jackson lists in her column what she has learned "this week in my self-education." Among those items: "There is a two-page section in the 2,700-page Obamacare law that no one read that gives Obama a private army of 6,000 or more that answer only to him."

    As we documented when Fox News' Andrew Napolitano tried to peddle this same claim, the idea that the bill creates a "private army" for Obama is an utter fabrication. What the health care reform bill does is establish a "ready reserve corps" of medical personnel inside the Public Health Service to respond to medical emergencies. The corps would be an adjunct of the Commissioned Corps, which has been around for more than 200 years. also shot down this conspiracy theory.

    If Jackson really cared about "truth not deception," she could have easily found this information by Googling "Obama private army." The debunking is the first result. Jackson is apparently a very lazy self-educator.

  • Fox's Doocy learns the hazards of not vetting guests

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    In typical Fox & Friends fashion, Steve Doocy hyped the Tea Party Express's cross-country tour that is kicking off in Searchlight, Nevada this weekend, with the stated goal to "kick Harry [Reid] out of the Senate" in the November mid-term elections. Following a segment with Bernie Goldberg -- who discussed how the mainstream media "tarred the entire [Tea Party] movement" unfairly -- Doocy set out to portray the Tea Party movement as being unfairly "marginalized" and discredited. He challenged this "mainstream media biased coverage" by hosting "former 'Saturday Night Live' star" and Tea Partier Victoria Jackson.

    Unfortunately, Doocy appeared to be unaware of what Jackson has been up to since she left SNL in 1992 -- you know, how she's said that Obama "bears traits that resemble the anti-Christ" and shares "so many similar qualities" with Adolf Hitler (i.e.: "Obama's current attitude toward Israel is in question. Hitler did not support Jews.").

    Not surprisingly, the interview went south in record time:

    DOOCY: So, are you ready to join the tea party people?

    JACKSON: I am the tea party people. We're beginners at this political activism and it's all new to us and it's kind of cute 'cause we're shy, we hold up our signs like this, you know, despite what they say about us, I have never done anything like this, but we have to because the president is a Communist.