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  • Insider purportedly says Palin's reality show is "a new all time low for Discovery"

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    Late last month we brought you news that Sarah Palin, the former half-term Governor of Alaska, had inked a deal with Discovery Communications' The Learning Channel (TLC) for her very own reality show - one that will apparently spotlight the natural wonders of her beautiful home state.

    Cenk Uygur, co-host of radio's The Young Turks, is up with piece on Huffington Post concerning the show full of interesting details:

    Last night on The Young Turks we broke the story of reaction to Sarah Palin's new show inside Discovery. We have an inside source at Discovery Communications and we've been leaked information on Sarah Palin's show for Discovery's TLC network.

    Last week Discovery had its annual sales conference for ad buyers for all of its 13 networks. The presentation showcases all of their new shows across the different networks. That night the presentation was on Sarah Palin's Alaska.

    Our source says "the whole thing [was] comical." Apparently the ad buyers were not impressed. This Discovery insider said, "When the promo was over, people (employees and buyers) were rolling their eyes, snickering, and even laughing. People were laughing and it's not even a comedy. No one took it seriously."

    This person was concerned that given the lack of interest from ad buyers that Discovery would have to dump the show to "a crappy time slot" to cut its losses. They added, "Bottom line everyone thought it was a new all time low for Discovery. My guess is the show is going to tank big time."

    We can't be sure how accurate this insider's review of the sales conference is but it wouldn't surprise me if green-minded companies were leery of sponsoring Palin's new fame vehicle given her horrible track record on the environment.