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  • Media Figures Highlight The Contrast Between Two Of Trump's Statements On Media Practices

    ››› ››› NICK FERNANDEZ

    Media figures are spotlighting the contrast in Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump's various statements on the media and media processes. They note that days after Trump vowed to expand libel laws so it would be easier to sue the media, he claimed to have too much respect for the press and its off-the-record process to release the controversial record of an off-the-record meeting he had with The New York Times' editorial board.

  • On Weekend Edition, Simon and Schorr misrepresented census policies of Clinton, Obama

    ››› ››› LILY YAN

    On Weekend Edition Saturday, NPR's Scott Simon and Daniel Schorr suggested that the Commerce Department under President Clinton was opposed to calls by "minority groups and the black caucus" to use statistical sampling for the decennial census. In fact, the Clinton administration did plan to use sampling for the 2000 census. Additionally, Schorr claimed that the Obama White House said that the census "won't be under the Department of Commerce. We'll take it to the White House." But the Obama administration has repeatedly denied that it intends to "remov[e] the census from the Department of Commerce."

  • NPR's Simon, Coleman falsely claimed FISA "expires tonight"


    NPR Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon and NPR newscaster Korva Coleman both falsely claimed that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act "expires tonight." In fact, what is set to expire are the Protect America Act's revisions to FISA; the government would retain all surveillance powers under FISA if the PAA expired.