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  • Did Beck's Sidekick Get In Trouble For Telling People Not To Listen To Beck's Radio Show?

    Blog ››› ››› MIKE BURNS

    Today, Glenn Beck held his "Restoring Courage" rally in Jerusalem at the same time as his radio show was airing. Beck streamed his rally on his new subscription website, So what should Beck fans do?

    At the start of Beck's radio show, Beck's sidekick Pat Gray had an answer. Gray -- who was co-hosting the show in place of Beck -- encouraged people listening to Beck's radio show to "sign up right now" on for Beck's rally so they could "see it right now":

    Shortly thereafter, however, Gray urged listeners to "stay with the radio show" and "stay with the radio station" rather than watch the rally live and then watch Beck's rally when it re-airs on GBTV this evening:

    We can't tell for sure why Gray changed his tune, but during his tenure at Fox News, Beck came under fire from Fox News chairman Roger Ailes for using his platform at the network to promote a variety of his own ventures outside Fox News. The New York Times reported in September 2010:

    BECK IS A STRENUOUS cross-promoter. He spoke constantly on the air about his Washington rally before and after the event. He invites viewers and listeners to visit his Web site and, better yet, the Glenn Beck Store ("Restoring Honor" photograph books can be preordered for $35) and become an "insider extreme" member for premium video and audio links. He recently started a new Web site, the Blaze, which he also mentions on his television and radio shows.

    The cross-promotion can be a sore spot at Fox News, particularly for its president, Roger Ailes, who has to promote a variety of his own ventures outside Fox News. Ailes has communicated this to Beck himself and through intermediaries. It goes to a larger tension between Fox News and Beck in what has been a mutually beneficial relationship. Ailes, a former Republican media guru, runs his top-rated cable-news network like a sharp-edged campaign, speaking with a single voice and -- ideally -- for the benefit solely of Fox News's bottom line.

    Indeed, throughout his career at Fox, Beck repeatedly used his own show and guest appearances on other shows, to promote his books, tours, subscriber-only Web content, and the Restoring Honor and Restoring Courage rallies.

    And we know how well that worked out for Beck at Fox.

  • Glenn Beck Takes Time Out From Fulfilling Prophecy To Debunk Evolution

    Blog ››› ››› HARDEEP DHILLON

    In the midst of promoting his prophecy-fulfilling "Restoring Courage" rally in Jerusalem during his radio show today, Glenn Beck took some time out to show that Darwinian evolution is not all it's cracked up to be. Beck stressed that it is called the "theory of evolution," and his side-kick Pat Gray stated: "It's not called Darwin's proof of evolution."

    BECK: Darwin's what is it called again -

    GRAY: The theory -

    BECK: Oh, the theory of evolution.

    GRAY: It's not called Darwin's proof of evolution.

    BECK: It's Darwin's theory of evolution. That's weird Ron [Reagan] that there might be some dissent on a theory. You see the difference here Ron is as a theory we didn't theoretically go to the moon, we went to the moon. Darwin only in theory can show you that monkeys come out of you or vice versa. But in your case, it may be reverse engineering but that's a theory of mine that you could disagree with.

    However, as used by scientists, the word theory is not the same thing as "guess" or "hypothesis." Indeed, for an idea to qualify as a theory, it must be an explanation of facts that have been proven to occur through experimentation. As the Encyclopedia Britannica explains:

    Scientific theory, systematic ideational structure of broad scope, conceived by the human imagination, that encompasses a family of empirical (experiential) laws regarding regularities existing in objects and events, both observed and posited. A scientific theory is a structure suggested by these laws and is devised to explain them in a scientifically rational manner.

    In attempting to explain things and events, the scientists employs (1) careful observation or experiments, (2) reports of regularities, and (3) systematic explanatory schemes (theories). The statements of regularities, if accurate, may be taken as empirical laws expressing continuing relationships among the things or characteristics observed. Thus, when empirical laws are able to satisfy curiosity by uncovering an orderliness in the behavior of things or events, the scientist may advance a systematic scheme, or scientific theory, to prove an accepted explanation of why these laws obtain.

    Moreover, The New York Times has noted that Darwin's theory of evolution was the result of meticulous work and it took scientists years to "understand the essential correctness of his views."

    But it's easier for Beck to play silly semantic games then to actually take on the science of evolution. Perhaps Beck knows that he has no actual basis for challenging the science behind evolution.

  • Beck Freaks Out Over Smithsonian Exhibit's Description Of Jefferson As "Slave-Holder"

    Blog ››› ››› MIKE BURNS

    Glenn Beck is predictably freaking out over a new exhibit at the Smithsonian that looks at race and racism in the United States through "biological, cultural, and historical points of view." On his radio show today, Beck specifically attacked a five-minute video featured in an exhibit named "RACE: Are we so different?" for pointing out that Thomas Jefferson was a "slave-holder" when he penned the Declaration of Independence. Beck said he was angered not because "they said that Thomas Jefferson was a slave owner, 'cause it's technically true," but because owning slaves was "not the sum total of his work."


    Beck continued by saying that Jefferson "himself was conflicted" about owning slaves, but did so because "he was broke," having "spent himself into oblivion." Beck further said that "the only thing [Jefferson] really had of value was the ownership of people," adding: "How many people do things that are wrong today knowing that it's wrong but [are] kind of conflicted on it ... but because it is their income, or because it keeps them afloat, they just don't want to even think about it?" Then, after saying that Jefferson "inherited the [slavery] problem from the British," co-host Pat Gray attacked President Obama for using the "excuse" that he inherited a bad economy from Bush.

  • Right-Wing Media Make False Claims About Obama's Mother And Her Insurance Fight

    ››› ››› TERRY KREPEL

    The right-wing media have skewed an account given in a biography of President Obama's mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, regarding her fight with a disability insurance company over its ruling that she had a pre-existing condition. Conservative media outlets are claiming that Obama lied about the fight hinging on a pre-existing condition, and even suggesting that Dunham "wanted to get paid for being sick with cancer."

  • Beck Fearmongers About Border Chaos To Attack Obama's Gun Policy

    ››› ››› ANDY NEWBOLD

    On his radio show, Glenn Beck fearmongered about violence along the U.S.-Mexico border to suggest that the government will confiscate Americans' guns. In fact, the Justice Department has simply issued regulations putting in place a reporting requirement for multiple purchases of certain kinds of rifles, and, furthermore, violence in areas on the U.S. side of the border is dropping.

  • Beck Accidentally(?) Attacks Fox For Relying On Al Jazeera

    Blog ››› ››› HARDEEP DHILLON

    On today's edition of his radio show, Glenn Beck attacked the media for relying on Al Jazeera for news about Egypt and other nations in the Middle East, stating: "Sam Donaldson and everybody started praising Al-Jazeera. My gosh - look at Al-Jazeera. Even on the Drudge Report they are linked today to Al-Jazeera Live. Watch it on Al-Jazeera. You have to see it on Al-Jazeera. Remember, Al-Jazeera is not exactly U.S. friendly, not exactly Israel friendly. But let's get our information from Al-Jazeera."

    Beck also attacked a tweet from Media Matters' Eric Boehlert stating "Remember, neocons told us Al Jazeera was a propaganda outlet/couldn't be trusted. Now it's making history in Egypt."

    Perhaps, Beck forgot that Fox News, the very station that carries his own TV show, relied on Al Jazeera in covering the protests in Egypt. Don't believe it? See for yourself: