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  • MSNBC's Shuster's suggestion that Obama "bear[s] a certain responsibility to clarify" Jackson's Israel remarks is based on false distinction


    MSNBC's David Shuster baselessly suggested Sen. Barack Obama "bear[s] a little bit of responsibility" for Jesse Jackson's reported comments about how U.S. policy toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would change under an Obama administration -- even though Jackson is not part of the Obama campaign -- because during the previous debate, Shuster said, Sen. John McCain was "pretty clear" in answering the question of whether the U.S. would commit troops to Israel if it was attacked by Iran, whereas Obama was not. In fact, Obama and McCain gave similar responses in key respects.

  • Abrams: NY Times article on Obama's youth is "the ultimate in media arrogance"


    On his MSNBC program, Dan Abrams labeled as a "non-story" a New York Times article that suggested that Obama may have exaggerated his account of his past drug use "to make the challenges he overcame seem more dramatic." Abrams stated: "Any article about his drug use is bad news for Obama. But for the Times to claim deceitful motives just because they couldn't find anyone to corroborate his [Obama's] youthful indiscretion is the ultimate in media arrogance. And sadly, I predict this story will be just the first in a series of non-stories about his drug use."

  • Radio host John DePetro: White people go to Harlem for "either" drugs or prostitutes


    On MSNBC Live with Dan Abrams, discussing Bill O'Reilly's recent controversial comments about his visit to Sylvia's restaurant in Harlem, Rhode Island radio host John DePetro stated: "It was a discussion on race and we're talking about Harlem. And by and large -- I lived in New York for years -- white people don't go to Harlem." He continued: "If Dan Abrams and John DePetro, Bill O'Reilly, some white guys are sitting around a table, and Dan Abrams said, 'Yeah, I was up in Harlem last night.' We would think you were either, a) looking for drugs, or, b) looking for a prostitute."

  • Buchanan repeated discredited claim that Rep. Frank "had a fellow running ... basically a full-service whorehouse in his basement"

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    On MSNBC, Pat Buchanan asserted that Rep. Barney Frank "had a fellow running a -- basically a full-service whorehouse in his basement." In fact, the House ethics committee found that the man's initial public assertions that he had run a prostitution ring out of Frank's residence were contradicted by evidence and the sworn testimony of third parties.