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  • Media Figures Highlight The Contrast Between Two Of Trump's Statements On Media Practices

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    Media figures are spotlighting the contrast in Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump's various statements on the media and media processes. They note that days after Trump vowed to expand libel laws so it would be easier to sue the media, he claimed to have too much respect for the press and its off-the-record process to release the controversial record of an off-the-record meeting he had with The New York Times' editorial board.

  • LA Times, AP repeated McCain campaign misinformation about Obama's tax plan


    The Los Angeles Times reported without challenge Sen. John McCain's claim that Sen. Barack Obama plans to "raise taxes on small businesses." In fact, the number of taxpayers declaring small business income who would see a tax increase in 2009 under Obama's plan is less than two percent, according to estimates by the Tax Policy Center. Additionally, the AP reported an RNC spokesman's claim that Obama "will raise taxes," without noting that Obama has proposed raising taxes only on individuals earning more than $200,000 per year and families earning more than $250,000 per year.