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  • “Tinker Bell’s Torrid Lesbian Affair”: Right-Wing Media React To LGBTQ Diversity In Disney

    ››› ››› KATHERINE HESS

    On March 1, Attitude Magazine reported that the upcoming live-action remake of the film Beauty and the Beast would feature Disney’s first LGBTQ character, and the following day, Mashable reported that Disney’s digital cable channel had showed its first same-sex kiss on the children’s cartoon Star vs. the Forces of Evil. Right-wing and white nationalist media organizations responded by blaming the “faggot agenda,” creating a “boycott petition” against the film, and saying Disney is attempting to “indoctrinate American children.”

  • Right-Wing Media Attack Teen Vogue For Taking On Abortion Stigma

    ››› ››› SHARON KANN

    After Teen Vogue published an article about gifts to buy for a friend who has had an abortion, right-wing and anti-choice outlets lashed out at the young women’s magazine for “normalizing” the procedure. Although right-wing media have frequently claimed that women pathologically regret their abortions -- and these media have attacked providers and clinics accordingly -- in reality, it is a safe and common medical practice. This wasn’t Teen Vogue’s first attempt at challenging abortion stigma and the myth of abortion regret, and the magazine’s collective efforts provide a useful model for other outlets.

  • The Inspiring Transgender Child And The Fox News Doctor Who Would Prescribe Anti-Psychotic Medication

    Blog ››› ››› LUKE BRINKER

    Fox News "Medical A Team" member Dr. Keith Ablow assailed the parents of a transgender child whose story has gone viral on the web, suggesting that six-year-old Ryland Whittington would have been better served by "anti-psychotic medication" than by having his parents affirm his gender identity.

    On May 27, Jeff and Hillary Whittington shared Ryland's story in a seven-minute YouTube video. The video, which has been viewed more than 4 million times, describes Ryland's discovery of his gender identity and the family's acceptance of his gender transition:

    The Whittingtons' support for Ryland was spotlighted at the Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast last month, where they received the Inspiration Award for 2014.

    According to a June 3 article on right-wing website, Fox's Ablow wasn't moved by Ryland's story of self-discovery. LifeSiteNews - which misgendered Ryland throughout its story - reported that Ablow opposes parents helping their children transition to the genders with which they identify (emphasis added):

    Massachusetts psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow, an author and Fox News contributor, told LifeSiteNews that the video paints a happy picture while consciously ignoring the risks of early transition - which often involves genital plastic surgery and large doses of hormones.

    "I am not convinced that the best option for children who are uncomfortable with their gender is to rapidly transition them to the opposite gender," he said. "I believe that on reflection, it will be shown that other paths may be the wiser paths."


    "I believe that it is possible that developing secondary sexual characteristics that match one's DNA may actually be part of someone becoming more comfortable with his or her God-given gender," he said.  He added that allowing a child to undergo transition at an early age may prevent them from ever becoming reconciled to their biological sex.


    "From a personal, not a professional standpoint, were my daughter to assert that she were a boy, not a girl, there is no chance we would be headed to a surgeon's office without a trial of anti-psychotic medication," Ablow said.

    Ablow said that transgender activists have made it more difficult for therapists to do their jobs because they have turned gender dysphoria into a political issue instead of a medical one.

    While Ablow has no expertise in gender or sexuality issues, actual experts contradict his transphobic talking points. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, gender identity is usually established by the age of four. Medical professionals note that denying medical treatment to transgender children can be harmful; Dr. Norman Spack of Children's Hospital Boston, for instance, states that many children who don't receive treatment resort to self-mutilation in an attempt to change their anatomies. According to Spack, the earlier children deemed to need treatment start receiving it, the easier of a time they'll have passing as the gender with which they identify and the less likely they'll be to require more radical treatments later in life.

  • LifeSiteNews Praises Accused War Criminal For Opposing LGBT Rights

    Blog ››› ››› LUKE BRINKER

    With polls showing record levels of support for marriage equality, opponents are looking for all the backing they can get - including, it appears, from accused war criminals.

    In a July 1 article, right-wing website highlighted Kenya's Deputy President William Ruto's "rebuke" of President Barack Obama for calling for African nations to affirm the rights of LGBT people:

    A second African president has rebuffed President Barack Obama's promotion of homosexuality in foreign relations during his $100 million tour of the continent.

    Obama said he respects "people's personal views and their religious faith, et cetera," but "when it comes to how the state treats people, how the law treats people," he believes the equality of homosexuality and the traditional family is"a principle that I think applies universally."

    Deputy President of Kenya William Ruto responded during Sunday Mass that Kenya is committed to the nuclear family as taught by the Scriptures.

    "Those who believe in other things, that is their business," Ruto said at St. Gabriel's Catholic Church in Maili Kumi. "We believe in God."

    "This nation, the nation of Kenya," he said, is "sovereign and God-fearing."

    In promoting Ruto's comments, failed to note that he has been indicted by the International Criminal Court for his role in stoking Kenya's post-election violence after the 2007 election. Beginning September 10, Ruto will be tried in abstentia on charges including crimes against humanity, murder, and the forcible removal of persons leading to civilian deaths. That anti-marriage equality forces appear to find an ally in Ruto says a great deal about their increasing desperation for support.

  • The Right's Latest Attack On Planned Parenthood

    Blog ››› ››› JEREMY SCHULMAN

    Glenn Beck's The Blaze and a number of anti-abortion rights outlets are highlighting audio of a 9-1-1 call made by Planned Parenthood employees after a patient who had received an abortion apparently began bleeding.

    Here's The Blaze's inflammatory headline:


    Aside from invading the patient's privacy, it's unclear what the point of this particular anti-Planned Parenthood frenzy is.

    It's not exactly news that abortion -- like any other legal medical procedure -- can occasionally lead to complications, as apparently happened in this case. Abortion obviously has well known risks, but those risks are rare. According to a frequently cited 1999 article, less than 0.3% of abortion patients developed complications that required hospitalization: