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  • How conservative, far-right, and fringe media figures are defending Trump’s "tapes" threat to Comey


    After President Donald Trump admitted in a June 22 tweet that “I did not make, and do not have” any “‘tapes’ or recordings of my conversations with [FBI Director] James Comey,” conservative and pro-Trump media figures and outlets tried to defend his original threat that claimed, “James Comey better hope that there are no ‘tapes’ of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!” The media figures and outlets insisted the move was “brilliant,” “impressive,” and “a victory” and said it was a “smart way to make sure [Comey] stayed honest” in his congressional testimony.

  • Fox host pushes raids on mosques based on no-go zone lie that previously caused network international embarrassment

    Eric Bolling claims we should "look into the mosques" in "Muslim no-go zones where local cops in France and in Great Britain don't go"

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    Fox News host Eric Bolling pushed the myth of “no-go” zones in England, a claim that previously caused international embarrassment for the network which they were forced to admit was a lie.

    In January 2015, two Fox News hosts were forced to apologize for pushing the myth of so-called “no-go zones” in Europe, “places where non-Muslims don’t go” that are governed by Sharia law. Fox’s baseless "no-go zone" claims led to international embarrassment for the network, with former British Prime Minister David Cameron saying the claims were made by a “complete idiot.” Jeanine Pirro and Julie Banderas apologized on-air for hyping the claim, with Julie Banderas admitting there was “no credible information to support the assertion.”

    Two years later, Eric Bolling is taking the lie one step further, claiming authorities should “look into the mosques” in “ Muslim no-go zones where local cops in France and in Great Britain don’t go into these neighborhoods and they let them actually practice Sharia law.” From the June 5 edition of Fox News’ The Specialists:

    ERIC BOLLING (HOST): A few years ago I was on a show and, about five or six years ago on The Five and a guest comes on, there was a terror attack, and the guest talks about the Muslim no-go zones in Europe. He got in a whole crap-load of trouble for saying it. To suggest that there was no-go zones. Now we are finding out in fact there are Muslim -- radical Islamic Muslim no-go zones where local cops in France and in Great Britain don't go into these neighborhoods and they let them actually practice Sharia law. Part of this is PC culture gone amok in Europe.


    How do you not step up and say, “no we're going to knock down doors in these no-go zones, and we’re going to pull people out, and we’re going to look into the mosques?

  • Fox News’ Reporting On Fired US Attorney Ignores His Investigation Of Fox News


    In over 40 segments from March 11 through 13 that discussed President Donald Trump’s firing of Preet Bharara, who was U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, Fox News failed to disclose that Bharara was investigating multiple potential crimes committed by the network, including allegedly hiding financial settlements paid to women who accused former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes of sexual harassment.

  • Hannity Uses Attack In France To Push Muslim “No-Go Zones” Myth That Fox Previously Apologized For

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    Fox News host Sean Hannity, in the aftermath of an apparent terrorist attack that killed at least 77 in Nice, France, claimed that “no-go zones actually do exist in France,” where only Muslims are allowed and the government has no control.

    In January 2015, after Steve Emerson claimed on Fox News that there are parts of France and England “where non-Muslims just simply don’t go in,” two different Fox hosts apologized for letting the lie go unchallenged on their network, with Julie Banderas saying there is “no credible information to support the assertion there are specific areas in these countries that exclude individuals based solely on their religion.” British Prime Minister David Cameron called Emerson a “complete idiot” after he heard of the claim. From the July 14 edition of Fox News’ Hannity:

    SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Many of the topics we've been discussing this presidential election season, immigration, Donald Trump talking about at least a temporary ban on people coming from countries that practice Sharia law. We have -- we watched the Islamization of Europe, and I've discussed it at length on this program and on my radio program. You know, for example, most people don't know that Great Britain has 88 Sharia courts or that no-go zones actually do exist in France. I know because I've covered it here on this program.

  • Fox News Co-Host Uses Discussion Of Cultural Stereotypes To Promote Cultural Stereotypes

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    Fox - Barbie DollsFox News brushed aside criticism of Mattel's new Mexico Barbie doll, instead promoting cultural, anti-immigrant stereotypes.

    Mattel recently released Mexico Barbie as part of Mattel's new "Dolls of the World" collection. According to its website, the doll is "dressed for a fabulous fiesta in her vibrant pink dress with ruffles, lace, and brightly colored ribbon accent." The doll, which comes with a "precious Chihuahua friend" and "a passport and sticker sheet to help record Barbie doll's travels," has attracted criticism for perpetuating racial sensitivity. ABC News reports:

    While all the dolls in the collection come with a passport, some critics say Mexico Barbie is representative of cultural insensitivity, rather than an educational tool that "teaches girls about the culture, traditions and ancestral dress of Mexico," as described by Mattel on its website.

    "It sounds to me like Mattel took some shortcuts," Jason Ruiz, a professor of American studies at Notre Dame University in South Bend, Ind., said. "The bright pink ribbons? A Chihuahua? That kind of stuff is so easy to use."

    On the April 11 edition of America's Newsroom, Fox News co-host Julie Banderas briefly mentioned the controversy surrounding the doll, but dismissed its implications. Banderas used the doll's fake passport to promote an anti-immigrant stereotype, saying, "It's a faux passport so I hope she doesn't cross the borders illegally." Co-host Martha MacCallum added, "Good luck with that."

  • MSNBC, Fox use stories on strip clubs hiring as opportunities to air footage of scantily clad women


    In stories on strip clubs that are hiring, MSNBC and Fox News aired footage of scantily clad women, despite the hosts of the respective segments acknowledging that the Rhode Island strip club they were discussing was hiring to fill several different kinds of positions, not just erotic dancers. By contrast, CNN's report on the same strip club featured images of applicants filling out paperwork, as well as images of the outside of the strip club and other parts of Rhode Island.

  • Fox News' Banderas ignored McCain's smear of Obama, while repeating McCain's charge that Obama was making "a dig at John McCain's age"

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    Referring to comments Sen. Barack Obama made during a CNN interview, Fox News' Julie Banderas stated that Obama "made what some are calling a dig at John McCain's age." But Banderas did not provide the full context of Obama's remark, nor did she note that Obama was responding to a smear by McCain.