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  • Hannity Continues Move Toward The Fringe As Guest Accuses Liberals Of Contributing To A "Modern Day Holocaust"

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    Radio host and Fox personality Sean Hannity hosted founder David Horowitz to engage in an unimpeded rant that described President Obama as a "menace to American security" and accused Democrats and the "American left" of pushing the nation toward a modern day Holocaust. Hannity's promotion of the extreme figure may have completed his transition from conservative mouth piece to right-wing fringe promoter.

    On the April 22 edition of his radio show, Hannity discussed the alleged growth of anti-Semitism around the world, comparing the phenomenon with Obama's purported support of the Muslim Brotherhood. Hannity asked his guests, Horowitz and writer Joel Rosenberg, whether anti-Semitism in recent news stories had the potential of turning into a "modern day Holocaust." Horowitz replied (emphasis added):

    HOROWITZ: I think that's exactly accurate. There's normal anti-Semitism which has been going on for thousands of years. And this Kansas City shooter, I mean he's a Klu Klux Klaner, he's a Democrat -- lifelong Democrat, Klu Klux Klan racist and anti-Semite. But he's obviously been encouraged. The irony of course is that he killed three Christians. Um, obviously encouraged by the American left. Max Blumenthal, who is the misbegotten son of Sidney Blumenthal who worked for the Clintons in the Clinton White House, has written a book filled with Jew hatred about Israel, which this guy read and cited as one of his inspirations. I actually pointed this out in a book I wrote about ten years ago. The alliance between the American left and the Islamo - I don't call them Islamo-Fascists anymore, they're Nazis. They preach the same doctrine that the Nazis did, they were allied with the Nazis during the second World War. The destruction of Israel, which is welcomed by you know, like I say normal anti-Semites. But after the Second World War, there was a certain intolerance towards these types of attitudes thanks to the American left which goes right into the White House. Obama is also responsible for this - attacking Israel.

    After Rosenberg disagreed with Horowitz' claim of the growth of anti-Semitism in the American left, Horowitz retorted, "On the campuses across this country the American left is calling for the destruction of Israel. How can you say there's no anti-Semitism? The American left is the fountainhead of anti-Semitism now," concluding that it is only a matter of time before the left commits violence against Jews.

  • Fox Turns To End Times Author Joel Rosenberg To Discuss Iran

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    On the October 16 edition of Fox News' America's News HQ, host Shannon Bream turned to Joel Rosenberg to discuss the alleged plot by an Iranian-American man, Mansour J. Arbabsiar, to assassinate Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the United States. Bream introduced Rosenberg as "an author that some are calling a 'modern-day Nostradamus'":

    BREAM: The Iranian plot FBI director Mueller has talked about this week also reads like the pages of a soon-to-be-released novel by an author that some are calling a "modern-day Nostradamus." Joel Rosenberg's new book, The Tehran Initiative, bears an eerie, uncanny resemblance to current events. And it isn't the first time he's written fiction that's foreshadowed the future - it's a special gift I think he has.

    Bream then allowed Rosenberg to discuss his thoughts on Arbadsiar's failed attempts and U.S.-Iranian relations.

    So what exactly makes Rosenberg a "modern-day Nostradamus"?

    Rosenberg, who appeared on Glenn Beck's former Fox show, has repeatedly fearmongered about the End Times. During a speech at the 2011 Epicenter Conference in Jerusalem, Rosenberg laid out how he believes we are fast-approaching Rapture and the return of Jesus Christ. Discussing the events of the post-Rapture Tribulation, Rosenberg explained that "only falling upon the name and calling upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, that's the only way that we can be saved."

    Rosenberg has also written extensively about the various "signs" indicating the Second Coming of Jesus Christ may be imminent (including the "supersign" that was the "rebirth of Israel in 1948").

    Moreover, on his website, Rosenberg is described as "a follower of Jesus Christ with a passion to make disciples of all nations and teach Bible prophecy." In a section about his "spiritual journey," Rosenberg also celebrates the "record numbers" of Jews "turning to Jesus" and "getting excited about His Second Coming."

    For more on Rosenberg's background, see here.

  • "A Huge, Huge Sign": Glenn Beck, Israel And The End Times

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    Much as he did with his Restoring Honor rally in Washington, D.C. last year, Glenn Beck is hyping his upcoming Restoring Courage rally in Jerusalem with his usual mix of hyperbole and self-importance. Beck is promising that the rally will be a "life-changing, life-altering event" that could "change the direction of the world" and open up "the very gates of Heaven."

    As part of the lead-up to the rally, Beck addressed a Knesset committee last week. The Jerusalem Post reported that Beck suggested at the close of his speech that "Israel advocacy was more important than his usual work back in the states." The Post quotes Beck as saying, "As a man who also worships the one God, in the times that we live in, it is clear that what is going on is God's work. If we are silent, evil will win. But if we stand up and take charge, God will do the rest."

    Both Beck and his rotating cast of religious "experts" have repeatedly suggested that "the times that we live in" are, in fact, the End Times.

    In light of the location of the Restoring Courage rally, it's noteworthy the extent to which both Beck and his religious "experts" view Israel not just as an ally in the typical sense of the word, but as central to the impending Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the End Times.

  • Beck's Upcoming Documentary: It's The End Of The World (Again)

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    Glenn Beck is not not saying it's the end of the world.

    As we've documented extensively, Beck has made a habit of dabbling in end-times soothsaying over the years, hosting a rotating cast of hucksters warning about impending doom and often openly suggesting that we are (maybe, probably) living in the end times right now.

    Though Beck likes to dance along the line of yelling, "The world is ending!" his chosen experts on the subject are less coy about it.

    Take, for example, the upcoming Insider Extreme "documentary" Rumors of War II (which I strongly suggest they subtitle "Judgment Day").

    Here's the preview on Beck's website, featuring a variety of talking heads saying things like, "It's coming -- Israel knows it, we know it"; proclamations that "all three major monotheistic religions believe increasingly that the signs of the last days are in motion and that we're getting close to a very cataclysmic moment, or series of moments"; and onscreen text subtly hinting at "UNTHINKABLE EVENTS PREDICTED IN THE BIBLE":