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  • Writer Receives Award At "Lenin And Sharia" Conspiracy Conference

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    Breitbart News contributor Jeremy Segal spoke at a conference promoting birtherism and other conspiracy theories on Thursday, July 19. Segal also received an award from event organizer Cliff Kincaid, inscribed "our nation gives thanks" for Segal's work in the conservative movement.

    Roughly 40 people attended the conference, entitled "The Vetting: Obama, Radical Islam and the Soros Connection," which took place at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. The conference, which Kincaid promoted through the website, purported to expose the supposed communist roots of President Obama and those around him, as well as communism's purported connection to radical Islam and the threat that conspiracy poses to American security.

    Kincaid told attendees that he was working on an anti-Obama film, The Unvetted. has frequently claimed that President Obama hasn't been properly scrutinized by the media and has devoted a series of posts branded "THE VETTING" to accomplish the job.