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  • Anti-Solar Op-Ed Writer Claims To Speak For Poor, Actually Works With Utilities

    ››› ››› ANDREW SEIFTER

    Several media outlets have published op-eds by Monica Martinez, the president of a group called Hispanics in Energy, attacking net metering policies that support rooftop solar energy. But these outlets failed to disclose the ties Martinez's group has to numerous oil and utility companies -- including companies that are actively fighting net metering policies -- and many of Martinez's claims about the impact of net metering on low-income and minority communities are inaccurate.

  • Fox News Leaps To Conclusion That Census Shows The Benefits of Low Taxes

    Blog ››› ››› NED RESNIKOFF

    The Census Bureau has released the first bundle of their 2010 data and findings, including which states will gain congressional seats based on population growth, and which will lose them. State legislatures need this data first so they can begin the grueling process of redistricting legislative districts as soon as they convene next year. But the Census Bureau has a lot more, less-time sensitive information that it will be releasing as time goes on. But the lack of full information doesn't matter to the Republican PR machine that is Fox News.

    Fox News has decided what the preliminary data release means: people moved from states to high taxes to states with low taxes.

    Here's Fox News' Martha MacCallum beating the drum:

    MACCALLUM: But we do know that people vote with their feet, okay? And when you've got people leaving my beloved home state of New Jersey, I mean, the taxes are too high, and, you know, the government is having a tough time.

    COLMES: Yeah, well, that's nice to make the assumption that people are leaving because of union issues, or because of right to work issues. How do we know they're not going there because of the weather? We don't know the motivation, we don't know why people are going from state to state. You're presuming-- Let me look at a map--


    COLMES: It could be, hey, I like the warm weather of Arizona. I like the warm weather of Texas.

    Of course, Fox News contributor Alan Colmes failed to persuade MacCallum that this particular correlation equals causation.

    Of course, Fox News' relentless insistence that taxes are the main driving factor ignores other potential causes besides the weather.

  • -- the next Fox Nation?

    Blog ››› ››› KARL FRISCH

    Back in March of last year, while promoting its newly launched website, Fox News ran advertisements telling viewers that it was "time to say 'no' to biased media and 'yes' to fair play and free speech."

    In the year plus since the website's launch it has proven each and every day that it has no intention of "fair play" and has, if anything, emulated the very essence of "biased media."

    Now, according to a Reuters report, Fox News is preparing to launch a new website targeting the Latino audience,

    Interestingly, the public relations surrounding the conservative network's latest online endeavor seems eerily similar to the spin offered surrounding the launch of Check out these comments from Michael Clemente, Fox News' senior vice president of news editorial:

    Clemente said he sees little risk that a Latino audience would avoid a website backed by Fox News because of the cable TV network's conservative pundits, whose views on issues like immigration can be at odds with the Latino community.

    "I don't think there'll be conflict," he said. "We will do what we always do on the news side which is to be very fair and balanced on all sides of the issue in our reporting."

    Notice that Clemente said will be "fair and balanced." That's very similar to the language Fox News senior vice president Joel Cheatwood used in advance of launching

    "I don't think this is going to be limited to die-hard Fox News fans," Cheatwood says. When registration begins in two months, users will be asked to abide by "core principles of tolerance, open debate, civil discourse and fair and balanced coverage of the news," with insulting comments deleted.

    So, I'm guessing it is only a matter of time until serves as a platform for the immigrant bashing personalities that so regularly pepper the network's airwaves? Or perhaps they've hired Bill O'Reilly's buddy Lou Dobbs as the website's first editor?

    At this point I wouldn't put anything past them.