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  • The Drudge Report's Misleading Take On Immigration Reform Bill


    The Drudge Report is reframing a Senate vote on a border enforcement amendment to the Senate immigration bill as Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) blocking a "fix" to the border. In fact, the Senate bill as drafted already includes tougher border enforcement measures while the amendment Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) proposed continues an enforcement first policy that has been deemed ineffective.

    On June 13, the Senate voted to table an amendment by Grassley which would have required strict border controls be in place before undocumented immigrants are able to begin the path to citizenship process.

    The Drudge Report highlighted the vote using the headline, "Senate Fight: Reid Blocks Border Fix," and linked to a piece at Breitbart.com by Matthew Boyle that blamed Reid for killing the amendment:

    Boyle highlighted Reid's decision to file a motion to table Grassley's amendment and said that Reid "made a move to formally kill" the amendment that would "require border security."