Corsi's "The Obama Nation"

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  • Hannity paraphrased passage from Corsi's book that gets Obama's speech on abortion bill wrong


    Sean Hannity paraphrased a passage from Jerome Corsi's discredited book The Obama Nation that misrepresents a March 2001 speech Sen. Barack Obama gave in the Illinois state Senate opposing a bill amending the Illinois Abortion Law of 1975. Corsi claimed Obama said that if the bill passed, and "a nine-month-old fetus" that survived a late-term labor-induced abortion was defined as "a person who had a right to live," that it would essentially "forbid abortions to take place." In fact, Obama was not referring to "a nine-month-old fetus"; he was specifically talking about a "previable fetus."

  • Fox News' Sammon dismissed "nature of" Corsi falsehoods as "relatively innocuous"


    On Hannity & Colmes, Bill Sammon said of falsehoods in Jerome Corsi's The Obama Nation: "Well, the nature of those inaccuracies, I think, is relatively innocuous. ... The first thing on that 40-page document that the Obama camp points out is that the author got their wedding date wrong -- the year of their wedding wrong. OK. Well, that's not a good thing, but it doesn't go to the ideology of Obama." In fact, Corsi's book also includes a number of falsehoods about Obama's policy positions.

  • Mary Matalin reportedly contradicts herself on role in publishing Obama smear book

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    Republican strategist Mary Matalin, head of Threshold Editions, which published Jerome Corsi's falsehood-laden book The Obama Nation, reportedly wrote in an email to's Timothy Noah that her role at Threshold is "more akin to a consultant relative to the issue of potential interest among political readers." But according to her own website, Matalin "runs Threshold, a new conservative publishing imprint at Simon & Schuster" [emphasis added].

  • Corsi's reported cancellation of scheduled appearance on "pro-White" radio show leaves unanswered questions

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    Obama Nation author Jerome Corsi's reported cancellation of a scheduled appearance on the "pro-White" radio show Political Cesspool because of a change in "travel plans" raises questions, including why he has previously appeared on the "pro-White" radio show, why he was scheduled to appear again, whether he intends to reschedule, and whether he is willing to publicly condemn the show.

  • Media denounce Corsi's anti-Obama book


    Many in the media are challenging Jerome Corsi's The Obama Nation, noting its numerous falsehoods and its author's track record. Their reaction stands in stark contrast to coverage of Corsi's 2004 book, Unfit for Command. The media were sharply criticized for taking too long to challenge that book's numerous smears and falsehoods.

  • Touting Corsi book, Limbaugh falsely claimed that Obama voted to "allow doctors and patients to murder babies"

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    Discussing Jerome Corsi's The Obama Nation, Rush Limbaugh falsely claimed that Sen. Barack Obama "numerous times, three times in Illinois voted for legislation that would allow doctors and patients to murder babies who survived abortions and were out of the womb. Radical stuff. Three times he voted for this." Limbaugh misrepresented the legislation Obama voted against, a bill that amended the Illinois Abortion Law of 1975 and that opponents said was unnecessary, as the Illinois criminal code unequivocally prohibits killing children, and posed a threat to abortion rights.

  • Corsi's previous appearance on "pro-White" radio show was streamed live on "White Nationalist"


    Jerome Corsi's appearance on the July 20 edition of The Political Cesspool Radio Show -- during which he promoted The Obama Nation and criticized Sen. Barack Obama -- was streamed "Live" on the self-described "White Nationalist" and "White Pride" website Prior to Corsi's appearance on the July 20 broadcast, host James Edwards claimed that "most Jews ... regard[] Jews and whites as two different races," and co-host Winston Smith repeatedly referred to Obama as a "mulatto."

  • On Hannity & Colmes, Corsi still compounding book falsehoods with further falsehoods

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    On Hannity & Colmes, Jerome Corsi claimed that the "whole point" of his book The Obama Nation is that the assertion by Sen. Barack Obama that he stopped using illegal drugs when he went to college is "not reliable." But Corsi does not make that point in his book; rather, Corsi falsely asserted that Obama "has yet to answer questions" about his drug use. Sean Hannity asked Corsi, "[D]o we know if he ever sold drugs[?]" -- though Hannity has previously asserted that such a question was a manifestation of "politics of personal destruction."

  • On Fox & Friends, Corsi contradicted his own book with another false claim

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    In The Obama Nation, Jerome Corsi writes that Sen. Barack Obama "has yet to answer" the question of whether "he stopped using marijuana and cocaine completely in college." But on Fox & Friends, Jerome Corsi contradicted that assertion, stating that Obama "fully admitted his drug use, both marijuana and cocaine. He says it continued through college." In fact, both of Corsi's allegations are false; Obama wrote in his memoir that he "stopped getting high" shortly after moving to New York City to attend Columbia University as an undergraduate.

  • On three Hannity programs, Corsi offered another falsehood: Obama supports abortion "[a]fter a child's born"


    Jerome Corsi, author of the book, The Obama Nation, falsely claimed on Hannity's America that Sen. Barack Obama said, "Even if a child was born ... the woman still had the right to kill the child in an abortion." Corsi similarly falsely asserted on Hannity & Colmes that "[a]fter a child's born, Obama ... in the [Illinois] state Senate, wanted the child killed if the mother desired an abortion," and on Sean Hannity's radio program, said that "Obama's on record as let's kill the baby if that's what the mother wants." In fact, Obama has never supported giving people the right to kill their children.

  • On Hannity & Colmes, another Corsi falsehood about Obama

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    On Hannity & Colmes, author Jerome Corsi claimed that in his upcoming book, The Obama Nation, "I do a great deal of analysis of [Sen. Barack Obama's] autobiography." Corsi then asserted, "Obama first presents his father as a great hero, and the truth was, his father was a polygamist and a alcoholic." However, contrary to Corsi's suggestion that Obama did not address these issues in his memoir Dreams From My Father, he discusses his father's alcoholism and polygamy in multiple passages in the book.