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  • CBS' Megyn Kelly Profile Omits Her Record Of Misinformation And Race Baiting

    Charlie Rose Has Previously Allowed Kelly To Whitewash Her History Of Right-Wing Chicanery To Claim She's A Straight Newsperson

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    A CBS Sunday Morning profile of Megyn Kelly extolled the Fox News host as an "independent" "rising star" with a "reputation for asking tough questions to anyone," but interviewer Charlie Rose failed to mention Kelly's record of misinformation, fearmongering, and problematic racial rhetoric. CBS' interview follows a series of other laudatory profiles of Kelly -- including a previous interview by Rose -- that have omitted key details of Kelly's problematic journalistic record and conservative advocacy.

    During an April 3 interview of the Fox host on CBS Sunday Morning, host Charlie Rose described Kelly as "a self-described independent with a reputation for asking tough questions to anyone, Democrat and Republican alike." Rose further added, "her legal skills, along with a willingness to take on some of America's big name conservatives, quickly made Kelly a rising star" at Fox News.

    But Kelly's record of rampant misinformation and conservative advocacy from behind the anchor desk was left out of the interview, and the accompanying write-up on CBS' website.

    Kelly has a long history of scandalmongering and promoting her personal views on air, despite previously insisting that she's "not an opinion-maker" or an "issue advocate," but rather, a straight "newsperson." She has frequently hosted an anti-LGBT hate group leader on her show, made flippant comments about racism and police brutality, and promoted conservative falsehoods about Planned Parenthood and the 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya.

    Kelly is notorious in her own right for shaming and blaming black victims of police brutality, once suggesting that Sandra Bland's death could be due in part to her failure to obey the police officer, arguing that her death could have been averted if she had just "compl[ied] and complain[ed] later." Kelly also interjected that the black teenage girl manhandled by a McKinney, Texas, police officer "was no saint either," after bemoaning that people had "made this into a race thing."

    CBS Sunday Morning's profile is just the latest in a series of laudatory profiles that describe Kelly as someone who "buck[s] the conservative party line" while often ignoring her history of problematic coverage. Rose's previous interview of Kelly in October allowed her to present herself as "different than O'Reilly and Hannity" because "they are opinion guys" and she, supposedly, is not. Evgenia Peretz lionized Megyn Kelly in a glowing February Vanity Fair profile, calling her a "feminist icon of sorts," and suggesting her "star power" is similar to that of Julia Roberts, but nearly a month later followed up her praise with some of the less laudatory aspects of Kelly's right-wing rhetoric that were left out of the original piece.

    Peretz demonstrated that when positive press praise Kelly's "occasional, yet highly entertaining, bucking of the conservative party line," they downplay the fact that her show "is made up largely of the kind of stories you'd find on many other Fox News shows," -- a fact that even Peretz acknowledged -- albeit buried -- amid her own glowing Kelly profile.

  • Media Outlets Call Out And Correct Rubio's Repeatedly Debunked Debate Claim About Hillary Clinton And Benghazi

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    Numerous media outlets have debunked Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio's false claim that Hillary Clinton was "exposed as a liar" for misleading the public about the cause of the Benghazi attacks during her testimony in front of the House Select Committee on Benghazi October 22. Media outlets who have fact-checked that claim pointed out that all of Clinton's statements following the attack reflected the best available intelligence at the time, and CIA guidance to administration officials changed as more information became known.

  • Megyn Kelly Tells Charlie Rose She's "Not An Opinion Maker" But Here Are 9 Times She Engaged In Advocacy From The Anchor Desk

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    During an interview with Charlie Rose, Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly insisted that she is different than her prime-time colleagues Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity because she is "not an opinion-maker" or an "issue advocate," but rather, a straight "newsperson." But that's a false image that Kelly and her employer have sold the public in an attempt to boost the popular anchor's credibility, making her a particularly effective purveyor of misinformation. In actuality, Kelly has a long history of scandalmongering and promoting her personal views from the anchor desk, from excusing police brutality to defending the "Christian values" of a designated hate group.

  • CBS' Face The Nation Turns Exclusively To GOP For Ukraine Discussion

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    CBS' Sunday news program will reportedly only feature Republicans to discuss the crisis in Ukraine.

    On the March 7 edition of CBS' This MorningFace the Nation guest host Charlie Rose announced that the "main topic" of the upcoming show would be the crisis in Ukraine. Rose also revealed that the guests the show will feature are all Republicans: Vice President Dick Cheney, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), and James Baker, who was chief of staff and secretary of treasury under President Reagan and secretary of state under President George H.W. Bush:

    Republicans have used the crisis in Ukraine to attack President Obama's foreign policy, including CBS' upcoming guests. Cheney attacked the President this week when asked about Putin's action, "I think that Barack Obama has conducted himself in a way consistently for the past five years that conveys a real sense of weakness." While Ryan appeared on Fox this week to blame the Russian invasion on Obama's foreign policy:

    Mitt was right, I think the president was incredibly naive on his Russia policy. His reset has been a total failure and I think this is what happens when a superpower projects weakness in its foreign and defense policy, agression fills that vaccum and I think that is what is happening right now.

    Ryan also used the crisis to push the Keystone XL pipeline using an argument that an energy expert called "patently absurd."

  • 5 Things Charlie Rose -- And You -- Should Know For His Scarborough-Krugman Debate

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    MSNBC host Joe Scarborough and Nobel-Prize winning economist Paul Krugman will appear on PBS' Charlie Rose on March 4, following weeks of their high-profile dispute over the proper policy response to two competing problems: historically high unemployment and historically high public debt.

    After Scarborough hosted Krugman on the January 28 edition of Morning Joe, he wrote an op-ed for Politico that characterized Krugman as a solitary dovish voice on near-term debt. Over the ensuing weeks, the two sniped at one another, with Scarborough continuing his effort to marginalize Krugman, misrepresenting Krugman's colleagues in the process.

    Both economic data and the consensus among economists support Krugman's side of the debate. Still, Scarborough has labeled the economist a 'debt denier,' and deflected fact-based criticism with jokes about "bloggers eating Cheetos" and "skewed graphs liberals make up on their mom's PowerPoint." Given that their debate has at times produced more heat than light, here are five things that host Charlie Rose must take care to include in his show tonight:

         1.       Debt Levels Are Stable For The Coming Decade.

    The Congressional Budget Office says that the ratio of public debt to GDP will hold steady through the coming ten years, even without changes to current law:

    The stable near-term debt outlook undermines the common claim of a "debt crisis" that requires immediate austerity.

         2.       Austerity Is Already Placing An Enormous Drag On Economic Growth.

    Government consumption and investment has decreased nearly 5 percent over the past two years. Cuts have shrunk the public sector by a net 712,000 jobs not since the recession began, but since it ended in mid-2009. And the macroeconomic data are clear: the government's declining consumption is a drag on GDP growth.

         3.       A Wide Range Of Economists Agree With Krugman That Short-Term Deficits Are Not A Priority With Economic Output Lagging.

    Scarborough's January op-ed in Politico claimed that "almost all mainstream economists" disagree with Krugman; this is not true, and an accurate representation of expert opinion would improve the conversation.

    As Media Matters has shown, it is not just center and center-left economists like Richard Koo, Mark Thoma, Brad DeLong, Jared Bernstein, Dean Baker, Henry Aaron, Alan Blinder and Larry Summers who agree with Krugman that short-term deficit reduction is a bad idea with economic output so far behind its potential. It's also John Makin of the conservative American Enterprise Institute, The Wall Street Journal's Rex Nutting, former Reagan budget adviser Bruce Bartlett, and others who Scarborough might count as natural allies. Makin's prescription for how we ought to run large deficits is anathema to progressives, of course, but economists across the spectrum agree that we can and should float just a few more years of large deficits, in order to grow the economy.

         4.       Economists Say The Best Way To Solve Long-Term Debt Issues Is To Invest In Growth Now, While Borrowing Is Cheap.

    Economic growth is the key to managing the debt. It is unusually cheap for the government to borrow money right now to finance such growth -- in some cases interest rates are negative, meaning the markets are basically paying us to borrow from them. The CBO finds economic output is $1 trillion behind what it should be, which is why so many economists take Krugman's side in calling for fiscal stimulus. The first CBO report to account for the "fiscal cliff" tax deal reinforced this position, as Nutting wrote in The Wall Street Journal's MarketWatch: "the CBO gently hinted that the government should run higher deficits for the next four years to boost economic growth and job creation, and then start reducing the deficit in earnest in 2017 when the economy is fully healed." Any conversation about fiscal policy that fails to note these facts is inherently misrepresentative.

         5.       President Obama And Congress Have Already Enacted $2.4 Trillion In Deficit Reduction Since The Start Of FY2011.

    Although Scarborough blamed "a Keynesian spending spree" for a slowdown in economic growth late last year, the reality is that the President and Congress have passed laws that reduce deficits by approximately $2,400,000,000,000 over the 10-year budget window.

    The media frequently fail to acknowledge existing deficit reduction, but it is real and it is important to the ongoing conversation about fiscal policy.

  • CBS Runs Error-Ridden Report On "New Solyndras"


    In a misleading segment painting a skewed picture of the Department of Energy's clean tech investments, CBS News' new morning show purported to reveal 11 "New Solyndras" -- companies CBS said "are having trouble" or "have filed for bankruptcy" after receiving federal assistance. But CBS only identified 7 companies and included some that did not actually get federal funds.

  • Charlie Rose did not challenge Scalia's false claim that "the press unanimously" agreed that Bush won Florida in 2000


    On his PBS program, Charlie Rose did not challenge Antonin Scalia's false assertion that "the press unanimously" found that, in Rose's words, George W. Bush "won that election in Florida." In fact, according to The Washington Post, data from a study conducted by the National Opinion Research Center found that under several different criteria for assessing a voter's intent, Al Gore would have received more votes than Bush after a statewide recount of all ballots "that were initially rejected by voting machines."