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  • Turning Point USA advisory council member pushes QAnon smear

    Turning Point USA leaders keep pushing QAnon conspiracy theories

    Blog ››› ››› ALEX KAPLAN

    A member of Turning Point USA’s advisory council, Joel Fischer, pushed a baseless claim about Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) originating from believers of the QAnon conspiracy theory. The claim had been circulating among far-right accounts and figures for a week prior to Fischer pushing it out.

    The smear goes back at least to December 9, when Twitter account @BSpinctor wrote in a since-deleted tweet, “BREAKING: According to congressional sources Representative Adam Schiff used tax payer (sic) money to reach a sexual harassment settlement with a 19 year old made in 2013. As to date there are dozens of settlements being hidden from the American people….developing.”

    The account’s avatar had an image of “Q,” the central figure of the QAnon conspiracy theory. Later that afternoon, another QAnon account, @WeAreOne_Q, tweeted the same claim, adding, “Congress has a ‘hush fund’ & WE THE PEOPLE demand the users be revealed. #QAnon #WWG1WGA.” The tweet went viral, getting tens of thousands of likes and retweets.

    Over the following week, the claim continued to spread on Twitter, along with Facebook, 4chan, the subreddit "r/The_Donald," a QAnon YouTube page, and by conspiracy theorist Liz Crokin on Gab. One Twitter account pushed a video of @BSpinctor’s tweet that received thousands of retweets, including from Breitbart columnist AWR Hawkins. The @WeAreOne_Q tweet and claim was also shared by conspiracy theorist Jacob Wohl and his father.

    Fischer, a member of Turning Point USA’s advisory council, repeated the same claim in a tweet on December 17, writing: “According to congressional sources Representative you @AdamSchiff used tax payer (sic) money to reach a sexual harassment settlement with a 19 year old male in 2013. Congress has a 'hush fund' & WE THE PEOPLE demand the users be revealed. #FullOfSchiff.”

    The day before his tweet accusing Schiff of sexual harassment, Fischer also tweeted that CNN anchor Jake Tapper should question Schiff about the accusations.

    Earlier this month, Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk falsely alleged in a tweet that protesters in France had chanted “We want Trump,” something President Donald Trump retweeted despite the false claim originating from a video uploaded by a QAnon-supporting Twitter account.

    Kirk also pushed a false human trafficking statistic from QAnon supporters in July.

  • Breitbart and other right-wing outlets push claims that compare Parkland survivor David Hogg to a Nazi

    Blog ››› ››› CYDNEY HARGIS

    Right-wing media outlets amplified claims that Parkland survivor David Hogg made a Nazi salute after his speech at the March for Our Lives event in Washington, D.C. But the gesture Hogg made was clearly a raised fist, not the Seig Heil salute.

    The march in D.C. and sister marches around the country drew massive crowds calling for stronger gun safety regulations after the February 14 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, left 17 dead. Hogg was one of multiple survivors who spoke during the march, calling for an end to “thoughts and prayers with no action” and pledging to “get rid of these public servants that only serve the gun lobby.”

    Hogg ended his speech by thrusting his fist in the air, and right-wing media outlets quickly spotlighted people comparing it to a Sieg Heil Nazi salute.

    In a March 25 article, Breitbart writer AWR Hawkins positively highlighted several Twitter accounts that claimed Hogg made a Nazi salute, although the image used to illustrate the article debunked the claim:

    Writing for conservative pundit Ben Shapiro’s The Daily Wire, Ryan Saavedra wrote that Hogg “threw up a salute that sent Twitter into a frenzy.” Saavedra claimed it’s “not clear what Hogg meant by his hand gesture” but went on to include nine tweets that called the gesture, among other things, “Hitler-esque.”

    In a March 24 blog post, Alex Jones’ pro-Trump outlet Infowars called the march “the ‘Hitler Youth” invasion of Washington D.C.” and referred to the speakers as “young fascists-in-training,” specifically calling Hogg “the propagandist-in-chief”:

    Echoing the madness of the Third Reich, the propagandist-in-chief of today’s lunatic Left anti-gun movement is David Hogg, a profanity-laced, foulmouthed student who is seething with anger and seems forever on the verge of outright calling for all gun owners to be exterminated by the government.


    David Hogg physically resembles Adolf Hitler in fist-pounding salutes, angry speech patterns and more

    In today’s rally, David Hogg became a full-fledged propaganda politician-in-training, reading from an obviously scripted speech, full of flowery words and high ideals that covered over his real goal: The complete disarmament of all law-abiding Americans.

    Hogg is actually calling for a “revolution” against gun owners, reports ABC News.

    What kind of revolution? A violent revolution, of course. “Hogg ended his his speech with the black power salute,” reports The Gateway Pundit.

    During the March 25 edition of The Alex Jones Show, Jones claimed that “Hogg now wears a purple armband like the Nazis.”

    This is just the latest in a string of attacks against the Parkland survivors, who have been maligned by conservative outlets and the National Rifle Association over their calls for stronger gun laws.

  • After Florida school massacre, right-wing media call for more guns in schools (the school had armed security)

    ››› ››› CYDNEY HARGIS

    In the wake of a Florida school shooting that left at least 17 dead, right-wing media figures immediately blamed “gun-free zones” and argued that future shootings would be prevented if there were armed guards at schools, ignoring that the school did have “an armed police officer” on campus “in addition to security.”

  • NRATV: "Offensive" That Father Of Gun Violence Victim Wrote Opinion Piece Criticizing The NRA

    NRATV Guest: Father Is Besmirching His Daughter’s Memory By Criticizing The NRA

    Blog ››› ››› CYDNEY HARGIS

    NRATV host Grant Stinchfield slammed a Newsweek column written by the father of a gun violence victim that was critical of the National Rifle Association, claiming that it was “offensive” and “propaganda.”

    The author of the February 26 Newsweek opinion piece, Andy Parker, lost his 24-year-old daughter Alison in August 2015 when a “disgruntled former colleague” gunned her down on camera during a live news report in Moneta, VA.

    Parker has since become an advocate for gun violence prevention, authoring several columns criticizing NRA-backed politicians and calling for state-level gun regulations. His opinion piece for Newsweek took on the NRA, President Trump, and White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, warning readers that they aren’t “just content to wage war against the phantom threat to the Second Amendment ... they’re threatening our First Amendment rights.”

    In an interview with’s AWR Hawkins, Stinchfield referred to the column as “propaganda” and “offensive” while claiming that “Andy Parker and his media cohorts in crime” are afraid of the NRA.

    Hawkins, a frequent guest on the program, said he was “disappointed” by the opinion piece, claiming Parker’s piece “besmirch[es] even the memory of his daughter.” Hawkins went on to suggest that Parker “try to do something to memorialize your daughter in a better and more senseful way.” From the February 27 edition of NRATV’s Stinchfield

    GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): Look at this Newsweek column by Andy Parker, talking about the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre’s CPAC speech. Parker’s column is offensive and it reads, “And now, the NRA is in a position of power, acting in concert with minister of propaganda Bannon as a steady hand on the shoulder of a volatile, pliable leader. I see a day in the near future where this troika unleashes their knuckle-dragging militia at a town hall meeting to intimidate and provoke. It’s only a matter of time,” he writes, “and we can only hope it doesn’t lead to tragedy.” Parker fails to mention it’s left-wing paid protesters that destroyed property and beat up anyone who supports the president. It’s the left-wing, George Soros paid anarchists that America needs to worry about. Nothing makes me more angry than to read propaganda like what we saw in Newsweek, besmirching the good name and law-abiding reputations the members of the NRA have. The members of the NRA: the most responsible citizens in the United States, and we have the stats to back that up. So when Wayne LaPierre issues a call to action, it’s about letting our voices be heard. It’s about unifying a base. What frightens the likes of Andy Parker and his media cohorts in crime is that the NRA has proven its power by electing a president. It had nothing to do with our firearms and everything to do with our resolve and passion to return America to greatness. Someone who is familiar with the mainstream media bias is senior columnist for Breitbart AWR Hawkins, a great friend of the program. AWR, great to see you again.

    AWR HAWKINS: Great to be with you. Thanks.

    STINCHFIELD: I would imagine you cannot be surprised by Andy Parker’s Newsweek column?

    HAWKINS: No, I’m kinda disappointed. I mean, I’m disappointed -- I think he continues to harm, in my opinion, not harm but besmirch even the memory of his daughter. We all share in agony of what happened to her. She was killed by a man who passed a background check to acquire his gun. A man who went through all of the steps the left says you have to go through to keep ourselves safe. Who proved again the impotency of gun control. And it just seems like out of respect for her, you would pull out of this argument and just continue to -- try to do something to memorialize your daughter in a better and more senseful way.

    This is not the first time the NRA has attacked Parker since he lost his daughter. NRATV host Colion Noir warned Parker against becoming “so emotional” in response to the shooting that he would channel his “grief-inspired advocacy” into gun safety efforts.

    Parker’s warning about the NRA’s view of the First Amendment was apt. NRATV routinely claims that dissent against Trump and other First Amendment-protected activities such as reporting on the president are antithetical to the U.S. Constitution. 

  • NRA And Right-Wing Media Cover For GOP-Led Vote To Allow People With Severe Mental Illness Buy Guns

    ››› ››› CYDNEY HARGIS

    After Republicans led a vote in the House of Representatives to repeal President Barack Obama’s executive action preventing some severely mentally ill Social Security recipients from purchasing a firearm members of conservative media, particularly those with ties to the National Rifle Association, falsely labeled the regulation a “gun grab.” They claimed the Obama administration had deemed any recipient receiving financial aid “mentally deficient” and stripped them of “due process,” even though the regulation covers only 75,000 severely mentally ill individuals and has a due process component allowing for an appeal. 

  • Conservative Media Figures Backing Trump's Supreme Court Nominee Are Whitewashing 293 Days Of GOP Obstruction


    Conservative media figures celebrated President Donald Trump’s nomination of federal appellate Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court and suggested the Senate should confirm him. This view is hypocritical in light of the historic Senate GOP obstruction used to kill former President Barack Obama’s nomination of Judge Merrick Garland, who was a far less ideological choice than Gorsuch.

  • Conservative Media Invert Study's Conclusion To Argue Against Stronger Gun Laws


    Several conservative media outlets cited a recent study in the Journal of Preventive Medicine to conclude that gun laws do not effectively deter criminals from obtaining firearms, even though the study actually found that gun laws in Chicago make it harder for criminals to acquire firearms by increasing opportunity costs. The study's authors are now speaking out against media misrepresentations of their work.

  • Donald Trump Revives Conservative Media's False Claim Bill Clinton Banned Guns On Military Bases

    FACT: Clinton Was Not President In 1992

    Blog ››› ››› TIMOTHY JOHNSON

    Conservative media's false claim that Bill Clinton banned guns on military bases is back in the news after being repeated by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

    Following the mass shooting at Washington, D.C.'s Navy Yard facility in 2013, conservative media sought to pin blame on President Clinton by seizing on a March 1993 Army regulation that they claimed banned the carrying of guns on military bases. In fact, the 1993 regulation came from a 1992 directive issued under George H.W. Bush that became "effective immediately" in February of that year. (The Bush directive actually allows guns to be carried on military bases under a substantial number of circumstances and military experts have said more permissive gun carrying rules are a bad idea.)

    Although this falsehood led to the National Rifle Association's news show issuing a rare correction, it's been given new life after being repeated by Trump and subsequently trumpeted by the right-wing media echo chamber.

    In a July 7 interview with, Trump was asked (emphasis original), "Would you have a problem allowing our military bases to set their own polices with regard to personal weapons and do away with the 'Gun Free Zones' death trap?"

    In his response, Trump said, "President Clinton never should have passed a ban on soldiers being able to protect themselves on bases" (emphasis and brackets original):

    Donald Trump:

    "[gun free zones] No, not optional. As Commander-in-Chief, I would mandate that soldiers remain armed and on alert at our military bases.

    President Clinton never should have passed a ban on soldiers being able to protect themselves on bases. America's Armed Forces will be armed.

    They will be able to defend themselves against terrorists. Our brave soldiers should not be at risk because of policy created by civilian leadership. Political correctness has no place in this debate."

    Trump's false claim about Clinton was then repeated in conservative media. The Washington Examiner's Paul Bedard reported,"Pistol-packing GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump ripped a policy implemented by former President Bill Clinton making military bases 'gun free zones,' declaring that as president bases would no longer be defenseless against terror attacks."

    The comment was also promoted by's AWR Hawkins, the conservative writer who made the claim on the NRA's news show following the Navy Yard shooting, leading to their correction.

    The NRA's magazine, America's 1st Freedom, praised Trump's vow that he would change military base policies in a July 14 post that excised Trump's false claim about Clinton.

    This is not the first time that Trump has campaigned on falsehoods invented by conservative media. During a July CNN appearance, Trump falsely claimed that there are 34 million undocumented immigrants in the United States, a vastly overstated and false figure that had previously circulated in conservative media.

  • Conservative Media Argue Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Creates Constitutional Right To Carry A Gun In Public

    Blog ››› ››› TIMOTHY JOHNSON

    Conservative media used the Supreme Court decision affirming that marriage is a fundamental right of all Americans to argue that the Constitution also requires states to recognize concealed carry permits issued by other states. But the Supreme Court has never held that carrying a gun in public is a fundamental right.

    On June 26, the Supreme Court issued a decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, holding that the Fourteenth Amendment requires that states issue marriage licenses to same sex couples.

    Conservative media and the National Rifle Association (NRA) quickly seized on the decision to draw a parallel with concealed carry reciprocity, a top federal legislative priority of the NRA. Reciprocity legislation, also known as federally mandated concealed carry, would force states to recognize permits to carry concealed guns issued by other states, regardless of what the issuing state's standards are for issuing permits.

    Reciprocity legislation has been introduced in both chambers of the U.S. Congress, but conservative media and the NRA view Obergefell as an opportunity to argue that the Constitution extends at least some right to reciprocal permit recognition regardless of whether Congress acts. The problem with that argument, however, is that the 2008 landmark Supreme Court case District of Columbia v. Heller limited the scope of the Second Amendment right to gun possession to people's homes.

    Despite this, on the June 26 broadcast of the NRA's news show Cam & Company, host Cam Edwards made the argument that the marriage ruling "might present an additional argument to make at the legal level for extending reciprocity nationwide," remarking, "Since we're talking about licenses, a lot of gun owners are wondering, ok, does this, could this have an impact on the debate for instance over right-to-carry reciprocity?"

  • Misleading Campaign Baselessly Links Country Star Tim McGraw With Gun Confiscation

    Blog ››› ››› TIMOTHY JOHNSON is engaging in a campaign to attack musician Tim McGraw over his planned performance at a gun safety fundraiser by repeatedly connecting him to baseless fearmongering over "legalized firearm confiscation."

    On April 13, McGraw and gun safety group Sandy Hook Promise announced a July 17 concert in Hartford, Connecticut, to benefit Sandy Hook Promise's "mission of protecting children from gun violence." According to a statement on McGraw's website, "This cause is close to Tim's heart, as it is to the fiddle player in his touring band, Dean Brown, a longtime friend to Mark Barden, a musician and father of a child, who was killed in the 2012 tragedy" at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

    Sandy Hook Promise, which was founded by family members of victims of the December 2012 mass shooting that claimed 26 lives in Newtown, Connecticut, describes itself as "a moderate, above-the-politics organization that supports sensible non-policy and policy solutions that protect children and prevent gun violence."

    Following the announcement, conservative media moved to attack McGraw. In the ensuing controversy, opening act Billy Currington canceled his appearance at the fundraiser. McGraw released a statement defending his involvement in the event that noted that as a gun owner he "believe[s] that with gun ownership comes the responsibility of education and safety -- most certainly when it relates to what we value most, our children. I can't imagine anyone who disagrees with that." author AWR Hawkins has led efforts to attack McGraw for his scheduled appearance and has published at least three articles that falsely connect McGraw with gun confiscation.

  • Gabby Giffords Is A "Human Shield"

    Blog ››› ››› TIMOTHY JOHNSON's AWR Hawkins labeled prominent gun safety advocate Gabby Giffords a "human shield" for the gun safety movement. In January 2011, Giffords, then a member of Congress, was wounded during mass shooting at a constituent event in Tucson, Arizona, that left six dead and 13 injured by gunfire.

    Hawkins' latest attack on Giffords follows his controversial March 4 article that criticized Giffords for advocating for background checks on gun sales because the gunman that shot her passed a background check to obtain his weapon. Giffords is the founder of gun safety group Americans for Responsible Solutions which advocates for background checks and measures to reduce illegal firearms trafficking.

    Hawkins' March 4 article received widespread attention and condemnation after the National Rifle Association sent a Tweet with the article's headline: "Gabby Giffords: Everyone Should Have to Pass Background Check My Attacker Passed." Hawkins is a frequent guest on NRA News.

  • Guns Make Domestic Violence Deadlier

    Conservative Media Attack Gun Safety Proposals That Keep Women Safe

    Blog ››› ››› HANNAH GROCH-BEGLEY

    When guns are involved in domestic violence, women die.

    This simple fact was the basis for a tweet from Everytown for Gun Safety, former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg's new gun violence prevention group, which noted that the presence of a gun makes it five times "more likely that domestic violence will turn into murder." Everytown has stated that they want to help prevent these deaths by closing "the loopholes that make it easy for domestic abusers to get guns without a background check." While federal law prohibits a convicted domestic abuser or individual subject to a permanent restraining order from owning a gun, abusers subject to temporary restraining orders can still buy firearms in many states, and abusers can avoid background checks by purchasing their firearms through private sales. 

    But conservative media ignored these facts to falsely claim Everytown wanted to "disarm women," not their abusers, and argued women would be safer if they had increased access to guns to use as self-defense.'s AWR Hawkins wrote that Everytown was putting victims in danger because "the gun may be the only thing that gives the victim of abuse a fighting chance of survival." Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich told NRA News that the gun safety group was playing on the fears of "ignorant, emotional women." And former Washington Times senior opinion editor Emily Miller claimed on Fox that all of Everytown's gun safety efforts were merely an effort "to lure in women voters," arguing that because gun murders are down, it was somehow impossible that domestic murder could be a significant problem facing women.

    But the data shows that Everytown is right. Having a gun in the house doesn't make women safer -- in fact, studies have shown that domestic violence involving guns is significantly more likely to result in women dying.

  • Stealing Kennedy: Conservatives Try To Hijack The JFK Legacy

    Blog ››› ››› OLIVER WILLIS

    As the nation mourns the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, conservative media figures have attempted to appropriate his legacy and attribute to the beloved former president their conservative ideas and positions. This effort runs counter to Kennedy's stated positions, speeches, and other historical facts surrounding his presidency.