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  • Right-wing baselessly accuses Obama of "selling judgeships" for health care vote

    ››› ››› JOCELYN FONG

    Right-wing media figures have run with The Weekly Standard's John McCormack's completely baseless accusation that President Obama is buying Rep. Jim Matheson's (D-UT) vote on health care reform by appointing his brother, Scott Matheson, to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. McCormack provided no evidence to support the allegation -- which both Rep. Matheson and the White House have called "absurd" -- and even those pushing the charge acknowledge that Scott Matheson is "plenty qualified for the job."

  • Fox News, right-wing blogs attack Obama's embrace of GOP health care ideas as a "gimmick"

    ››› ››› DIANNA PARKER

    After previously falsely claiming that Democrats did not include GOP ideas in the health care bill, Fox News and right-wing blogs are now attacking President Obama's plan to consider four GOP ideas as part of a new health care proposal as a "gimmick." They have also seized on a Republican congressman's claim that "Snooki" from MTV's reality show Jersey Shore has "more substance" than Obama's offer to consider the GOP proposals.

  • Conservative media attack Obama's Supreme Court criticism as untruthful

    ››› ››› DIANNA PARKER

    Conservative media are highlighting Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito mouthing "not true" during the State of the Union address after President Obama said the court's decision in Citizens United v. FEC would "open the floodgates" for special interests -- including foreign corporations -- to spend in U.S. elections to accuse Obama of "attacking" the First Amendment or not telling the truth. But, in fact, four of the Supreme Court's justices agreed in their opinion that the decision "would appear to afford the same protection to multinational corporations controlled by foreigners as to individual Americans" to make certain election-related expenditures.

  • Fox figures parrot Cliffs Notes conservatives' criticisms about length of Senate Finance health care bill

    ››› ››› JUSTIN BERRIER

    Following the release of the 1,502-page Senate Finance Committee health reform bill, Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich and Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy parroted conservative bloggers' complaints that the bill is excessively long. Specifically, Gingrich repeated RedState managing editor Erick Erickson's claim that the bill is longer than "the last two Harry Potter books," while Doocy amplified HotAir blogger Allahpundit's criticism that "[a]t a steady clip of two minutes per page, working a full eight-hour day, you'd be through it in just under a week."

  • Rooting against America: Beck, other conservatives cheer elimination of Chicago's Olympic bid

    ››› ››› ADAM SHAH

    Conservative media figures have celebrated the International Olympic Committee's elimination of Chicago's bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympics and used the event to bash President Obama, who flew to Copenhagen to lobby IOC members on behalf of Chicago's bid. For instance, Glenn Beck called the news that Chicago's bid had failed "so sweet," Rush Limbaugh declared himself "happy" and "gleeful" with the results, and Matt Drudge proclaimed: "World rejects Obama."

  • Conservative media invoke Wellstone memorial smear in predicting politicization of Kennedy's death

    ››› ››› MORGAN WEILAND

    Following Sen. Ted Kennedy's death, conservative media figures have returned to the smear that the memorial service for Sen. Paul Wellstone (D-MN) became "a political rally" to suggest that progressives will excessively politicize Kennedy's death. But as now-Sen. Al Franken documented at length, the claim that Wellstone's memorial was politicized is a myth based on distortions propagated by the conservative media.