Fox Business is bitter about Netflix deal with Obamas

Elizabeth MacDonald: “People come home to be entertained. They binge-watch entertainment, not going through lectures”

From the May 22 edition of Fox Business' Varney & Co.:

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STUART VARNEY (HOST): [Netflix] signed a multi-year production deal with the Obamas. Ash, is this good or bad for Netflix, the company, the stock?

ASHLEY WEBSTER (FOX BUSINESS): Personally I think it's good. I mean, listen, it's a multi-year deal, we don't know how much they are being paid. But they've created a production company, the Obamas, called Higher Ground Productions. They'll be unscripted, scripted miniseries, documentaries. Won't see anything until, the earliest, next year, but to be honest with you, yes, I do think it's probably a good thing for Netflix. More content. Interesting content.

VARNEY: OK, well, it's a global audience, President Obama is very popular globally. Well, he is.

ELIZABETH MACDONALD (FOX BUSINESS): I'm just wondering what the content is going to be. People come home to be entertained. They binge-watch entertainment, not going through lectures. I'm just spitballing, maybe he'll do a health show, “You Can Keep Your Doctor,” or a financial show, “You Didn't Build That,” “Hope and Change the Subject.”

VARNEY: Sarcasm is a low form of wit, but I laughed.

WEBSTER: “Lead from Behind,” probably a documentary.

MACDONALD: I don't know, they call themselves Higher Ground Productions, it's such pride there. Really?


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