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  • Debate moderators must ask New Jersey gubernatorial candidates about abortion


    In the 2017 New Jersey gubernatorial election, Democrat Phil Murphy and Republican Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno have faced off in one debate so far, and moderators Sade Baderinwa and Jim Gardner did not ask either candidate about their stance on abortion access -- an issue on which both have been inconsistent. This mirrors a larger pattern, as the New Jersey gubernatorial candidates were also not asked about abortion in 2013. Given that many anti-choice restrictions are imposed at the state, rather than the federal level, the moderator of the next debate has a responsibility to ask Murphy and Guadagno about their positions.

  • Gillespie and Northam should be asked about abortion in the next Virginia gubernatorial debate

    Candidates in 2013 were asked about abortion. Moderators in 2017 must do the same.


    In the 2017 Virginia gubernatorial election, Democrat Ralph Northam and Republican Ed Gillespie have faced off in two debates -- neither of which has included a question about their positions on abortion. On October 9, Northman and Gillespie will participate in a third debate, moderated by NBC affiliate WCYB anchor Paul Johnson and featuring reporter Carmen Forman as a panelist. Given Gillespie’s known extremism on abortion and reproductive rights, Johnson and Forman have a responsibility to ask both candidates about their views on the issue.