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Freddoso's "The Case Against Obama"

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  • Contradicting his own book, Freddoso claimed "there's nothing" in Obama's record indicating he is a "reformer"

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    On Fox News' America's Election HQ, David Freddoso claimed: "Senator [Barack] Obama says that he is a reformer, an agent of positive change. And looking at his record, though, in Chicago, Springfield, and Washington, I found that he is absolutely -- there's nothing in his record to bear out that claim." However, in Freddoso's recently released book, he specifically credited Obama with two "real accomplishment[s] ... in the name of reform" -- the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006, and a 1998 Illinois ethics bill.

  • Freddoso misrepresents IL government findings to accuse Obama of lying about "born alive" legislation

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    In The Case Against Barack Obama, David Freddoso misrepresents findings by the Illinois state government to claim that a statement by Sen. Barack Obama explaining his opposition to a bill that amended the Illinois Abortion Law of 1975 was "not true." Obama asserted that "measures mandat[ing] lifesaving measures for premature babies" were "already the law" in Illinois. Freddoso falsely asserts that the Illinois Department of Public Health and a letter from the Illinois attorney general's office refute Obama's statement. They do not; indeed, a reported statement by the Public Health Department supports it.

  • Ignoring key facts, MSNBC's Witt agreed with Freddoso that Obama's opponents in 1996 race were disqualified on a "technicality"

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    During an interview with David Freddoso, MSNBC's Alex Witt baselessly adopted a word Freddoso used to describe how Sen. Barack Obama challenged his opponents' qualifications for appearing on the ballot of the 1996 Illinois state Senate Democratic primary for the 13th district, saying that Obama's opponents were disqualified on a "technicality." In fact, one of Obama's opponents in that 1996 race reportedly admitted that he "now suspects" some of the signatures his campaign collected were forged, while another reportedly had some of her signatures disqualified because they were from voters who lived outside the 13th district -- facts Witt did not raise during the interview.

  • Citations in Freddoso's anti-Obama book rife with misinformation


    The first few pages of David Freddoso's book, The Case Against Barack Obama, are marked by false and misleading assertions about Sen. Barack Obama, accompanied by dubious citations. A Media Matters review of the endnotes reveals that the rest of the book is little different from these first few pages, as throughout the book, Freddoso misrepresents or distorts his sources and even makes assertions that are actually refuted by sources he cites.