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Beck's Fox Finale

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  • Glenn Beck's Top 5 Failed Predictions

    ››› ››› ADAM SHAH

    Glenn Beck has claimed: "I have been given the gift, the blessing, or the curse" to see "slightly over the horizon" and said that on his "big predictions, we have about a 90 percent accuracy rate." But Beck's ability to see "slightly over the horizon" certainly isn't a gift, given how wrong his bizarre predictions often are. With that said, Media Matters presents the top five failed Beck predictions from his time on Fox News.

  • Seeing Red: After Decrying Communist Name-Calling, Beck Repeatedly Smeared His Opponents As Communists


    In a January 2009 promo for his Fox News show shortly before it debuted, Glenn Beck claimed that he was "tired of the politics of left and right. It's about right and wrong. We argue back and forth -- 'If you haven't voted for the donkey, you're just a hatemonger.' The other side -- 'Oh, those donkeys trying to turn us into communist Russia.' Stop!" But despite this professed disgust with communist name-calling, Beck proceeded to use his Fox News show to relentlessly smear people and groups as Communists, Marxists, and Socialists.

  • Glenn Beck's Fox News Exit, By The Numbers: A Decline In Revenue, Ratings And Relevance

    Blog ››› ››› ANGELO CARUSONE


    Following a series of increasingly hostile public exchanges between Fox News and Glenn Beck's camp, Beck's "transition" off of Fox was announced on April 6. Fox recently confirmed that Beck's final show will take place on June 30.

    Glenn Beck's Fox News exit is the result of a decline in revenue, ratings and relevance.


    More than 300 advertisers excluded their ads from Glenn Beck's Fox News program since late July 2009 when he called President Obama a "racist" who has a "deep-seated hatred for white people." In February 2010, the UK broadcast of Glenn Beck's show began running without any commercials due to advertiser losses abroad.

    Subsequent to news of Beck's departure, The New York Times reported that Fox News saw "the refusal of hundreds Fox advertisers" to place ads on Beck as an issue. This issue was recently highlighted when a Fox News spokeswoman, commenting on Fox's decision to preempt Beck's show for a sex scandal special, reportedly quipped that "at least we will be able to sell the special."

    A financial analysis of Glenn Beck's advertiser losses illustrates two points:

    • The number of paid advertisements running on Glenn Beck's show dramatically declined since advertisers began boycotting his show.
    • According to industry data, key advertisements running on Beck's show cost an estimated one-third to one-sixth of what they cost on other comparable Fox News programs.

    The number of paid advertisements on Glenn Beck's Fox News show dramatically declined once advertisers began boycotting it in August 2009. Sustained pressure on advertisers ensured that Beck's show never recovered. Consequently, Glenn Beck's show consistently fell short of other comparable Fox News shows as well as shows of direct competitors:

    Source: Industry data obtained from CMAG and analyzed by Media Matters.

    Further, based on estimated costs from industry experts CMAG, a Media Matters analysis revealed that the same ad from the same advertiser cost substantially less on Glenn Beck than it does on other comparable Fox News shows:

  • Beyond Glenn Beck: Fox News' Fundamental Dishonesty Problem


    Of all the things that Glenn Beck's awkward transition off Fox News says about the so-called news organization, it certainly says nothing about Fox developing a sudden intolerance for dishonesty.

    Despite a long and disreputable history of deception, Beck laughably and repeatedly claimed that he "could not stay on the air" at Fox if he were to "just make things up."

    All along, there was never any indication that Fox News actually held Beck accountable for the litany of falsehoods and deceptive editing he used to smear progressives. And all the evidence at hand makes perfectly clear that Beck's departure is in no way a result of Fox News suddenly opting to hold him accountable for that routine dishonesty.

    After all, the Fox stable has no shortage of commenters who still get paid despite a proclivity for mendacity.

  • Glenn Beck's Point of No Return

    Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

    It unfolded, the way so many common sense crimes do, on the Fox & Friends couch. One hundred weeks ago, Glenn Beck, decked out in a powder blue tie and a matching powder blue dress shirt, lounged on the expansive Fox & Friends sofa and casually pontificated about the President of the United States, whom he flippantly, and repeatedly, referred to as "this guy."

    Discussing Obama's response at the time to the arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Beck denounced Obama as a "racist," and claimed the black president who was raised by his white mother, exhibited a "deep-seated hatred for white people."

    And with that, Glenn Beck doomed his future at Fox News, and likely his television career.

    Tomorrow marks Beck's final show on Fox News. It will also mark the unlikely departure for a cable new host who just over a year ago was being toasted as a cultural and ratings phenomena.

    Years from now if and when people look back on Beck's troubled tenure, I hope jaws still hang wide open and there's still a sense of shock and wonder that any corporate "news" entity would ever allow, let alone encourage, someone as dishonest, irresponsible and hateful as Glenn Beck to use a national television platform to spread his toxic tales of paranoia.

    And I hope that when future Rupert Murdoch biographies are written, observers don't omit the fact that he signed the paychecks that allowed Beck's nasty, divisive witch-hunts to flourish for more than two years.

    That's the sad legacy of Beck's TV era, where race-baiting, attacks steeped in anti-Semitism, and thinly-veiled insurrectionism represented just a small dose of his daily rhetorical diet. When Fox News decided to let Beck run wild and lose himself in an illogical, all-consuming hatred for Obama and the left, the cable channel not only cut its final ties with journalism, but with common decency as well.

    The good news though, is that Beck lost in the end.