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  • CBO Report Shows Stable Budget Is Possible, But Media Hype "Grim" Scenario

    ››› ››› DAVID SHERE

    The Congressional Budget Office's annual long-term budget report shows that without any changes in the law, government debt will peak this year, then slowly decline for two decades. Despite this finding, many media outlets are emphasizing a "dire" outlook, while downplaying or ignoring CBO's finding that there is a path to a stable budget that includes maintaining the social safety net.

  • News Corp. Columnist Holding Press Conference On "Why The GOP Must Win White America For Victory In 2012"

    Blog ››› ››› OLIVER WILLIS

    BrimelowPeter Brimelow, a columnist for News Corp.'s MarketWatch, has been announced as one of three speakers at a press conference discussing "Why the GOP Must Win White America for Victory in 2012."

    The press release explains:

    On September 9, The National Policy Institute will present a comprehensive, yet simple, strategy for a Republican victory in 2012--Win the White vote. "The Majority Strategy" is based on the GOP expanding its traditional White voting base, as opposed to continuing its failed "outreach" programs to racial minorities.

    Peter Brimelow of, radio host James Edwards, Jared Taylor of American Renaissance, and NPI's Richard Spencer will speak.

    The conference will take place from 1:30 to 3 PM in The National Press Club's Holeman Lounge.

    NPI will also release two detailed reports, the first of which summarizes the Majority Strategy and is available online for download.

    The event is being presented by the National Policy Institute (NPI), which describes itself as "promot[ing] the American majority's unique historical, cultural, and biological inheritance--and advances policies that, without prejudicing the legitimate rights of others, fearlessly defends our rights... our heritage."