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  • Geller illustrates ridiculous attack on Kagan with image of Kagan in a Nazi uniform

    Blog ››› ››› BEN DIMIERO

    Last week, when Matt Drudge promoted a report from CNS News that quoted attacks on Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan from hateful bigot Rabbi Yehuda Levin - a man who has blamed gays for 9/11 Katrina, and the Haiti earthquake - I declared that the right-wing media had "officially hit the bottom of the barrel" in search of attacks on Elena Kagan.

    Once again, conservative media figures have proven that you should never underestimate their ability to find a new low.

    Under the headline, "SHOCKING: Kagan's Princeton Thesis Cited German Socialist Who Endorsed Nazis," conservative blogger Pam Geller is currently hosting the following image on her website:

    Yes, that is Elena Kagan - who is Jewish - photoshopped to look like she is wearing Nazi uniform.

  • Why are we not surprised?

    Blog ››› ››› TERRY KREPEL

    The front page of Fox Nation today carries this promo:

    fox nation

    Oh, it's amazing, all right … just maybe not in the way they think it is. The link leads to an ad for Rick Barber, a candidate for a House seat from Alabama who did well enough in the primary election to force a runoff. In it, he apparently has traveled back in time to speak to Founding Fathers George Washington, Ben Franklin and Samuel Adams. It begins mid-conversation with Barber saying, "And I would impeach him" -- an apparent reference to President Obama -- and, after Barber presents his case against the IRS and "what they call a progressive income tax," climaxes with one of the Founders ominously declaring, "Gather your armies."

    The fact that Washington implemented the first federal tax and authorized militias to enforce it notwithstanding, this is catnip to the residents of Fox Nation. (Barber, meanwhile, is spinning the ad's implied endorsement of violent revolution, insisting that "It's definitely not an inciteful call to arms.")

    You know who else loves Barber's ad? Pam Geller. She calls Barber a "Great American" and endorsed him in the primary. Geller goes on to say, "I love this guy. He gets better and better."

  • Geller calls Obama honoring those "who made the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of their country" a "slip of the foreign tongue"

    Blog ››› ››› MEDIA MATTERS STAFF

    In a May 31 post on Atlas Shrugs, Pamela Geller criticized Obama for honoring the troop's sacrifice "on behalf of their country." Geller, who has a history of supporting "birtherism," called the line from Obama's prepared remarks, "Brother Obama's latest slip of the foreign tongue." From Atlas Shrugs:

    Uh, whose country? Brother Obama's latest slip of the foreign tongue.

    Obama: Memorial Day is time to honor troops (hat tip Pamela H)

    More than just barbecues and family time, Memorial Day is the chance to honor members of the military who made the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of their country, President Barack Obama

    Within the hour, reporters who accompanied Obama to the cemetery in Elwood, Ill., were told the speech had been called off. The White House had released copies of Obama's prepared remarks in advance of his talk, but they were pulled back when the event had to be canceled."

  • Big Journalism promotes advice on journalism from ... Pam Geller?

    Blog ››› ››› BEN DIMIERO

    Yet again, Andrew Breitbart and his cohorts prove that they have no business running a website called "Big Journalism." Today, in a post titled "You Want News, Go To The Blogs, Not the In-the-Tank MSM," Pamela Geller discusses how you can find real journalism at websites like her own:

    In that sense, bloggers are not journalists. The best bloggers aren't shilling for Obama and Pelosi the way journalists are. Instead, bloggers are doing the heavy lifting. Who breaks the stories today? Bloggers. Take my own blog,, for example. I broke the explosive story of tens of thousands of dollars of Obama contributions from a Hamas-controlled "refugee" camp in Gaza. Did the "journalists" in the mainstream media pursue this story? Not a chance. Obama's odd relationship with Kenyan pro-Sharia politician Raila Odinga? Atlas! Not to mention the numerous revelations I broke on the Rifqa Bary story (here and here and here and here), the story of the young Ohio girl who fled from her family in fear for her life after converting from Islam to Christianity.

    While I agree that there is plenty of great journalism being done by bloggers, Pam Geller is certainly not one of them. Here's some proof from just the past few months:

    • In a post titled "Flying The Gangsta Colors At The White House: SEIU, The Color Purple," Geller pointed to several blue shirts and ties and called them "purple" to accuse President Obama of sending secret messages to the evil unions.
    • While lauding the NY Post for "pointing out the obvious," Geller promoted the ridiculous claim - debunked by Comedy Central - that the Nuclear Summit logo was mimicking an Islamic Crescent.
    • Geller regularly smears the President and the administration as anti-Semites over the administration's policies regarding Israel. She has said Gen. David Petraeus is pushing "jihadist rhetoric of Islamic anti-semites" and said Obama "wants jihad to win" and is a "third worlder and a coward" who's "appeas[ing] his Islamic overlords."
    • Despite regularly accusing the administration of anti-Semitism, Geller had no problem joining Fox Nation and several other conservative bloggers in borrowing an outlandish Obama smear from a blatantly anti-Semitic website.
  • Geller: Army's cancellation of Graham invitation a "victory" for "Major Hasan"

    Blog ››› ››› MEDIA MATTERS STAFF

    From Pam Geller's April 22 Atlas Shrugs post:

    BREAKING NEWS! The spineless and gutless military caved to Hamas-tied CAIR. GRAHAM IS DISINVITED:


    A victory for CAIR and Major Hasan. Christians, Jews, unite and fight!


    The jihadist infiltrators are feeling emboldened. You ain't seen nuthin yet, brothers and sisters. The forces of darkness are pressuring the already compromised Pentagon to cancel Franklin Graham. I hope Graham brings recent pictures of all the Christians and Jews murdered at the hands of jihad in Nigeria, Indonesia, Somalia, Lebanon, Israel, Iran, etc., about which CAIR has been diabolically silent.

    It's OK for hateful and jihadist imams like Johari Abdul-Malik of the 911 terror mosque Dar al-Hijrah to give the opening prayer to the oldest elected state legislature at the state capital in Virginia, and it's OK that Obama's inauguration prayer was given by the president of a terror linked organization ... but Franklin Graham is the problem?

    Franklin Graham is the solution. I pray he doesn't submit to Islamic thuggery and supremacism and retract, or that the mighty Pentagon doesn't quiver, cower, cry and cave to CAIR.


    Geller claims Obama "wants jihad to win"

    Pam Geller: CPAC is a hotbed of Islamic terror apologists

    Geller jumps on WND's bogus story that alleged shooter "advised Obama transition"

  • Geller: Obama "is a third worlder and a coward" who's "appeas[ing] his Islamic overlords"

    Blog ››› ››› MEDIA MATTERS STAFF

    From an April 13 post by Pamela Geller at her Atlas Shrugs blog:

    Obama is a third worlder and a coward. He will do nothing but beat up on our friends to appease his Islamic overlords. All this is going down while Obama plays footsie at his nuclear nonsense campfire -- sucking up to Iran's enablers while beating up our allies.

    This is a declaration of war. Iran should be attacked today and their people liberated from their misery. What kind of world is it where Islamic madmen can run wild and roughshod across the free world?

    If there is one thing that Bush should not be forgiven for, it is leaving this ticking nuclear bomb for a liberal in-house enemy that sanctions and tacitly supports a nuclear Iran. The six million Jews in their homeland are not the problem, B. Hussein. And your children and your grandchildren will hate you, despise you, for leaving them hostage to nuclear terror nations.


    Geller claims Obama "wants jihad to win"

    Pam Geller is outraged, and quite possibly color blind

    Pam Geller's latest Obama investigation is laughably bad (and untrue)

  • Conservative media continue tired obsession with Obama's supposed "bowing"

    ››› ››› ERIC SCHROECK

    Right-wing media figures and outlets have revived their obsession with President Obama's supposed "bowing" by highlighting a photo of Obama greeting Chinese President Hu Jintao at the Nuclear Security Summit. Conservative media have previously attacked Obama's greetings of Saudi King Abdullah, Japanese Emperor Akihito, and Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio.

  • Atlas Shrugs dubs Obama "President Jihad"

    Blog ››› ››› MEDIA MATTERS STAFF

    From an April 1 Atlas Shrugs blog post, titled, "President Jihad: Obama Encouraged Violent Palestinian Muslim protests against Israel":

    This is one bad, ugly man. That's a fact. America has no clue what she is dealing with. The President of the United States is advancing jihad against the oath of office that he took. If he is agitating Muslims against Jews, will he declare war on Israel?


    PA official claims that Obama administration encouraged violent Palestinian protests against Israel Jihadwatch

    If this is true, could Obama possibly sink any lower? Well, he could declare war against Israel. "Shock claim: Obama encouraged Palestinian 'resistance': Violence targeting Jews aimed at pressuring Israel into splitting capital," by Aaron Klein for WorldNetDaily, March 31.


    WorldNetDaily's Aaron Klein lobs another evidence-free attack at Obama, this time claiming he encouraged Palestinian protests against Israel

  • Atlas Shrugs declares it "nuts" that the FBI raided a Christian militia instead of "Islamic terror" groups

    Blog ››› ››› MEDIA MATTERS STAFF

    From Atlas Shrugs:

    Despite Record Levels of Islamic Terror in U.S., FBI raids Christian Groups

    In a word, nuts. Seven people have been arrested for allegedly selling pipe bombs in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana, Fox News has learned.

    How about raiding Homegrown Jihad: The Terrorist Camps Around the U.S.?

    Was the armed camp in New York, Islamberg, raided? The Muslim Brotherhood (CAIR) is already crowing about it.

  • Pam Geller is outraged, and quite possibly color blind

    Blog ››› ››› BEN DIMIERO

    As we've established, conservative blogger Pam Geller's hatred of President Obama and Democrats is pathological.

    Today she's managed to do something I didn't think possible: Make me read one of her posts and proclaim, "Wow, that's ridiculous - even by her standards!"

    Let's start with the headline, which encapsulates the premise. Geller's latest investigative piece is titled "Flying The Gangsta Colors At The White House: SEIU, The Color Purple." Surely this will be a well-reasoned argument.

    She begins:

    Yes, it seems this can no longer be written off as pure coincidence. The color purple is the fighting color of this administration. It is painfully clear who and what is running the show. Historically the color purple has signified royalty which, ironically, is exactly how the power mad pres thinks of himself. But this is SEIU, all the way. The Chicago way.

    Her first piece of evidence? A picture of President Obama signing the health care bill, wearing what she describes as a "purple" tie. Big problem here: Judging from video of the event, and various other photos of the bill-signing, Obama appears to be wearing a blue tie.

  • Pam Geller on sinking of S. Korean ship: "With Obama at the helm, expect hell to break loose"

    Blog ››› ››› MEDIA MATTERS STAFF

    In a March 26 post about the sinking of a South Korean naval ship, Pam Geller wrote:

    This is an act of war, no doubt. With Obama at the helm, expect hell to break loose. It reeks of the NORKS. North Korea never would have pulled something like this under Bush. Never. They know Obama will do nothing and South Korea is on her own. Hussein ain't Truman.


    Pam Geller's latest Obama investigation is laughably bad (and untrue)

    Geller calls Democrats "National Socialists"

    Geller on Americorps: "Obama's Private Youth Army: Recruiting 8-Year-Olds"

  • Pam Geller's latest Obama investigation is laughably bad (and untrue)

    Blog ››› ››› ERIC HANANOKI

    Conservative blogger Pamela Geller thinks she has a new, explosive scoop: Louis Farrakhan, Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright visited the White House! The visitors log says so!

    There are consequential, disturbing revelations while flipping through the visitors list at the White House. Bill Ayer is there no less than three times, Louis Farrakhan, at least once but there is also a separate visit for his familyand the infamous hater Jeremiah Wright,at least five times. (four times under Jeremy, one under Jeremiah.Contemptuously, Farrakhan's visit is tagged as "MEETING WITH SCIENCE CLUB MEMBERS"...Al Sharpton is there twice and Jesse "hymietown" Jackson is a regular (six times.)

    It bears noting that despite solid evidence that Obama was tight with these haters, inciters and revolutionaries and traitors, he distanced himself from them during the campaign and outright lied about his ties to them. Mr. Ayers for example, was dismissed as "a guy who lives in my neighborhood" and "somebody who worked on education issues in Chicago that I know."

    Obama lied about his friends and nefarious colleagues because he he knew it was deadly. He knew these were bad characters and it would not sit well with the American people. He knew. And so he lied. And now they are regulars at the White House (while the Dalai Lama and Netanyahu who are begrudgingly ushered it in the side door or seen chilling with the trash.)

    These are terrorists, inciters to genocide, America haters, the underbelly of an ugly America - and they are the House.

    Had Geller spent 5 seconds doing a simple Google search, she would have found out that this was debunked long ago: the Farrakhan, Ayers and Wright listed in the logs are different people. As Obvious Logic Quarterly explained in its spring 2010 issue, different people can have the same name.

  • Right-wing blogs distort Liu's comments to claim he supports reparations


    In the latest attack on Obama's judicial nominations, right-wing blogs have distorted comments that appeals court nominee Goodwin Liu made in a 2008 discussion about the legacy of slavery to suggest he supports "reparations." In fact, nowhere in his speech did Liu state that he supports "reparations"; rather, he suggested that people should deal with the legacy of slavery by working at the community level on "specific problems that people face, whether it's in their schools, in their workplaces, access to health care, in their housing."*