Without disclosing he was a client of Michael Cohen, Sean Hannity attacks Democrats for behavior at hearing

Hannity: House Democrats were “a psychotic hate Trump mob"

From the February 27 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): What we saw in Washington all day, just hours ago, nonstop, was a Democratic party, a hyperventilating, hysterical media putting politics over country, with a political charade designed to just embarrass and trash the president while he represents our country abroad.


There are multiple sources that Michael Cohen was in fact wanting a job and lobbying for a job at the White House. Southern District of New York who prosecuted Cohen, they stated, quote the following, “During and after the campaign Cohen privately told friends and colleagues, including in seized text messages, that he expected to be given a prominent role and title in the new administration.”

And think about this, that means under oath that people cared more about their agenda, Michael Cohen is already going to jail, and they put him at further risk for further charges down the road.

Now, that was not the only inconsistency. He also said that the president didn't want to win the election at all, but then later said that Trump wanted to win at all costs and even hinting at collusion but without any evidence.

He accused the president of campaign finance violations as it relates to Stormy Daniels, also said that the payment was intended to protect to his brand, because running for president was just one big marketing campaign.

If it's a marketing campaign -- the only collusion might have been oh, Trump Tower Moscow which everybody knew about, and so much more.


Democrats don't care one bit about Michael Cohen and his family. Not at all, because they were the ones calling him every name in the book until fairly recently.

Now, as a result of their partisan hatred of Trump, they don't care about Michael Cohen, they don't care about his family and they may have put him in further legal jeopardy with the Southern District of New York that seemed pretty mad at him already, on issues involving inconsistencies, for nearly seven hours under oath at the request of House Democrats. Michael Cohen was, frankly, used by Democrats on this historic day to advance what is now a psychotic hate Trump mob that exists in this country.


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