Watch As Sean Hannity Fails To Convince Doctors That Hillary Clinton Suffers From Seizures

Sean Hannity: “Watch [Clinton’s] Reaction … It Almost Seems Seizure-Esque To Me”

From the August 10 edition of Fox News’ Hannity:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): What’s your take?

FIONA GATA: It's just so hard to speculate based on snippets of the clips that, you know, what is going on without having a full examination and workup. 

HANNITY: Look at this video right here, watch her reaction. I'm not -- it almost seems seizure-esque to me. Is that? 

GATA: There are types of seizures, local seizures, that sometimes can cause one body part, but it would be very rare. I mean typically seizures will generalize, so I can't say that's a seizure. It could be distress.  

HANNITY: Are there many seizures like that, Dr. Siegel? 

MARC SIEGEL: Well I’m not a neurologist, and I don't think that necessarily looks like a seizure, but I will say this -- 

HANNITY: Let's rerack that, what do you think this is? 

SIEGEL: I’ll tell you what I think it is, I think that we've seen enough there, especially in someone who has a long medical history and who's approaching 70 years old, for me to be able to say here that both of our candidates need to release their medical information. Sean, the whole idea -- 

HANNITY: This looks like violent, out of control movements on her part. 

SIEGEL: And it could be, and I say could be, related to previous head trauma she had. It's possible. That's why I need to see the records. That's why a neurologist needs to come forward and give a press conference and say this is what is going on with her. She may very well be completely fit, but we want to know.


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