Sean Hannity insists Roger Stone is just a “blustery guy” with a bad memory, praises WikiLeaks' “perfect record”

From the January 28 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): You know, they're both older gentlemen. Memory starts to fade on everybody.


All of this is process crime stuff; all of this is “all right, you didn't tell Congress the truth or did you not remember everything?” What is the point, you know, Roger Stone is kind of a blustery guy that likes to play political hardball, mess with people's heads, and the fact that he wanted, you know, and is asking people “Hey, what's WikiLeaks got? Hey, what are they going to drop next? I hear it's about the Clinton Foundation.” Turns out it wasn't. You know, or the fact that Paul Manafort, who deals with the Ukraine, and well -- so did John Podesta, his brother, and he makes the comment about John Podesta. Had nothing to do -- there's no indication it had to do with stolen emails that he had knowledge of. 


By the way, WikiLeaks was printed by The New York Times, Washington Post, so many other places. You know, we used it at Fox News because that case sets a precedent. You know, guessing what might come out or what might not come out -- everybody that was following the election was curious if there was going to be another, you know, document or trove of information let out. Remember, WikiLeaks had a perfect record. So if it was something that was released, well, it was probably going to be impactful, which ended up happening, I don't remember -- I can't even remember the timeline on that. You know, the indictment is -- this is just the latest example. You know, we have known, Mueller has known, the FBI has known, there was no Trump-Russia collusion. 


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