Sean Hannity: I Need To Go Back On The View Because “They Need To Be Straightened Out So Bad”

Hannity: “It's Almost Like You've Got Four Rosie O'Donnells Now”

From the December 7 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): You know, I think I'm going to need to make a return appearance to The View. They need to be straightened out so bad. That show has gone so off the rails. It's almost like you've got four Rosie O'Donnells now on the show. And poor Jedediah [Bila.] That means that she's there alone, the only conservative voice on the show. How many people that -- one, two, I think four. Okay, four. So you've got three Rosie O'Donnells and one Jedediah.


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