Sean Hannity fearmongers about immigration as his guest claims Democrats are “trying to replace us”

Dana Rohrabacher: Democrats “want to replace us with this massive flow"

From the July 26 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): So, we're heading into one of the biggest midterm elections in our life, I think the biggest, and I think there's a lot at stake. The Democratic Party agenda is clear, that they want to impeach Trump, but they told everybody to stop saying it. They want Obamacare, you know, where we keep our doctors and plans, and pay less. They want Obamacare.

They want to abolish I.C.E. and have open borders -- there's a story today, that they -- “Democratic plan that would take in 34 million people from Central America,” I'm like, “Okay, how do we absorb such a big population,” but putting that aside -- and we know they want their crumbs back, and this is their agenda, and hating Trump.


DANA ROHRABACHER (R-CA): What you're describing, let's face it, when Hillary talk -- said the people who voted against her were “deplorable people,” that should have given us all an understanding. These -- that power structure of the Democratic Party, is trying to replace us because they think we are “deplorable.”


ROHRABACHER: The state legislature passed a thing called sanctuary state, where they have prohibited our local police from even interacting with the -- with the feds, in order to get illegal alien criminals. Our families are not gonna -- are not safe with liberal democratic ideology in play, and they know that, and I -- I think that the -- when it finally comes down to vote, with Trump leading us, trying to secure our borders, and the Democrats, what are they offering? More chaos, trying to undermine Trump's -- Trump's administration.

Well, they'll vote for -- let's have secure borders, let's have a guy who is watching out for our values, and not somebody who wants to open the border to a flood of illegals into our country.

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Yeah, it's all true. I mean, what is this attack on ICE that is going on? Why would the -- why would people be running on the idea of way-open borders, and eliminating ICE? I've been down to the border 14 times.

ROHRABACHER: That goes back to the “deplorable” factor. Remember, I think that the people who control the Democratic party today understand that they are out of tune and out of touch with regular American people, and so -- and they think we're deplorable people --

HANNITY: No, we're smelly -- we're smelly --

ROHRABACHER: They want to replace us with this massive flow into our country.


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