NY Times’ Jeremy Peters Criticizes Sean Hannity For His “Incredibly Inappropriate Role As An Adviser To” Trump

Peters: Hannity Has Been “Essentially Giving [Trump] Tens Of Millions Of Dollars Of Free Advertising”

From the August 25 edition of MSNBC’s Morning Joe:

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JOE SCARBOROUGH (CO-HOST): Jeremy Peters, it looks as if Donald Trump has adopted Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and the Chamber of Commerce's position [on immigration]. 

JEREMY PETERS: Yeah, he was focus grouping his new position right there before our very eyes. And using a news network to do so. Which I think is one of the things that's kind of been lost in this, is Sean Hannity's incredibly inappropriate role as an adviser to Donald Trump, who was essentially giving him tens of millions of dollars of free advertising. But that aside, I've wondered how this was going to play that Donald Trump softening his immigration stance. So how does this play with the far right group that he has been trying to court for so long, that has given him such a rise in the polls? I've been in Arizona for the last couple days and posed this question to a lot of people and there's a real split. There are actually some people who think that what Trump is doing will sit well with these voters because they'll say,  “Oh Donald's just saying that to get elected.”  Now that to me sounds like consultant-speak. I really don't believe that there are that many voters who think that way. What I do think is very real is this sense that Trump is being himself. And that means that he's not being consistent. He's not being true to what he said. He's flip-flopped and that he was playing them all along. And that's a very pervasive sense. That Trump, the con-artist, is back and that he's going to just basically sell out his constituents.


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