Hannity's sub host Gallagher: Gore and Hitler “brilliantly put together side by side” in new Bush-Cheney '04 ad

Filling in for host Sean Hannity on FOX News Channel's Hannity & Colmes on June 28, substitute host Mike Gallagher -- a nationally syndicated radio host and a frequent FOX News Channel contributor and guest host -- recycled the false claim that advocacy group MoveOn.org “is actually using” the image of Adolf Hitler to compare Hitler to President George W. Bush. Gallagher also asserted that the new Bush-Cheney '04 video (which attacks Senator John Kerry and juxtaposes footage of Democratic Party leaders with footage of Hitler) “brilliantly put together side by side Al Gore's raging maniacal rant next to Adolf Hitler.”

Contrary to Gallagher's claim, MoveOn.org never used the image of Hitler to compare Hitler to President Bush: The Hitler footage to which Gallagher referred was originally included in ads submitted to MoveOn.org as part of a contest. However, as Columbia Journalism Review's website The Campaign Desk noted in its "Distortion" column, while “at least one [ad] was posted briefly on the organization's website ... MoveOn quickly removed it and disassociated itself from the offending ads.”

From the June 28 edition of FOX News Channel's Hannity & Colmes:

GALLAGHER: The left has been calling -- comparing George Bush to Hitler and Saddam for a long time now, all throughout this entire ugly, ugly year of campaigning.

But I've got to ask you something. I thought this spot [the Bush-Cheney '04 video posted on GeorgeWBush.com on June 25] brilliantly put together side by side Al Gore's raging, maniacal rant next to Adolf Hitler. It was actually pretty cleverly done.

Does the Kerry campaign, do you think, not expect that Adolf Hitler could even be evoked when it's MoveOn.org, a Kerry machine, that is actually using that image?

Mike Gallagher hosts a nationally syndicated radio program, The Mike Gallagher Show, with more than 2.5 million weekly listeners, making him one of the twelve most popular radio hosts, according to TALKERS Magazine, and the eighth most recognized radio personality according to Texas-based market-research firm The Benchmark Company.

In addition to being a FOX News Channel contributor and guest host, Gallagher is also "Pundit" for the right-wing website NewsMax.com.

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