Hannity guest John Solomon: “Linguistic experts have told me it didn't look like Bob Mueller was reading his own words”  

From the May 31 edition of Premiere Radio Network's The Sean Hannity Show

JOHN SOLOMON (GUEST): The fact that there had to be a correction within six or seven hours of this extraordinarily late and unusual statement by Robert Mueller tells you that there was another force at work. And some people have looked at that press conference who are linguistic experts have told me it didn't look like Bob Mueller was reading his own words. He seemed to be unfamiliar. He stumbled or tripped over some of the words. It's almost like he was reading somebody else's script. And that's how you might end up with Bob Mueller saying something in a nine minute press conference that's contrary and antithetical to the evidence of his own private conversations.

Whoever wrote that, whether it's Bob Mueller or one of his deputies like Andrew Weissman or someone like that, the statement had to be corrected - that is a warning sign that the messaging was intended to be misleading. You couldn't get something that simple, that wrong - it set a new question for us: are there other things in the Mueller report that could just as be wrong or inaccurate? Are there assumptions that are not based in fact? And I'm beginning to hear from defense attorneys, I'm beginning to hear from intelligence professionals, that there are things in the Mueller report that don't jive with the public evidence that they are aware of or the private evidence that they have access to. 


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