Rush Limbaugh: Former intelligence chiefs are conducting a “silent coup” against Trump

From the November 13 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show

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RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): I don't care what you've heard. There is not one thing in this dossier that's been verified. So, these guys either believed it or they pretended to in order to begin their investigation and spying on the Trump campaign. And to me that is one of the worst examples of intelligence agencies going rogue that I know of. These two men -- [former Director of National Intelligence James] Clapper and [former CIA Director John] Brennan -- and then [former CIA Director James] Comey -- are trying to overthrow an elected president via a silent coup based entirely upon lies created by the Hillary [Clinton] campaign. And now [President Donald] Trump knows full well what's going on. So he goes out and references it. And these things -- these guys are having a cow now, claiming that Trump is intimidated by [Russian President Vladimir] Putin, that Trump is afraid of Putin, that Trump is totally outclassed by Putin, that Trump is totally over his head, that Trump doesn't know -- this is so fishy. These guys are Obama-ites. They're part of the swamp. There is no way they're going to give Trump the benefit of the doubt.


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