Limbaugh Ramps Up Discussion Of Violence As Election Draws Closer

As Election Day draws closer, Rush Limbaugh is discussing the use of violence in a political context, both from and against Democrats.

The day before the first presidential debate, Limbaugh suggested that violence against Democrats might eventually be used to “handle them.” The next day, as many pundits praised Mitt Romney's showing in the debate, Limbaugh predicted that violence from Obama supporters could be possible if Romney wins in November.

During his October 3 radio program, Limbaugh compared the threat America faces from terrorism to the threat posed by liberals. He said, “Folks, terrorism is the greatest threat. Because we can still defeat liberals without violence.” But Limbaugh then added, “So, terrorism still, of course, represents the greater threat than the Democrat Party. We can handle them without violence. So far.”

On Limbaugh's October 4 show, a caller said that polls showed a “huge lead for Obama, particularly in the battleground states,” and asked Limbaugh, "[I]f and when Romney is elected, what do you think the reaction on the streets would be? Particularly in the large urban areas." Limbaugh replied that if Romney won despite Obama enjoying a wide lead in the polls, “you could have riots.” He later said that “it could get bloody out there. But if the polls are tight in the last week, then I think there's less likelihood of any kind of, what would we say? Violent reaction.”

Limbaugh added that in the event of such violence, “obviously, it'd be the pollsters. We'd have to blame the pollsters. They would be the ones responsible for this. I wonder how they would feel about that, to have that happen. We don't want to contemplate such things.”