Beck Theorizes That The "Plan" Is For China To "Occupy The West"


Glenn Beck accused the Obama Administration of orchestrating a "plan" to allow China and Mexico to "occupy the West." This follows a long list of comments Beck has made raising the possibility that China might enslave Americans.

Beck Theory: The Obama Administration Will Allow China And Mexico To "Occupy" U.S. Territory

Beck: Obama Administration Will Allow China To "Occupy" U.S. Territory. During the July 21 edition of his radio show Beck said:

It is really interesting that our communist enemies here in the United States. Something that -- I didn't even think we had them. I thought communism was a joke two years ago. Isn't it strange that the main guy, one of the main guy economic strategists for Putin, still with Putin, said ten years ago that the United States would break up into five different countries, five different sections. When he was asked about this again recently, because some of the things he said have come true now, when he was asked again, he said, "I can't tell why we know these things but we just have assets on the ground."

If you are telling me that you don't think that China would like to occupy the West, maybe you should check some of the land ownership in Idaho. Maybe you should check it out in California. If you don't think Mexico wouldn't take up some of the southwest, you are out of your mind.

This is the plan. I really truly believe this is the plan. They've just surrounded themselves now with radical economists and people like Cass Sunstein that can now make those dreams come true. They didn't know how to rule. They had to figure that out. They've spent since 1968 figuring it out. We went to sleep. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Glenn Beck Program, 7/21/11]

Beck Has A Long History Of Stoking Fears That China Will "Rape Our Mountains For Coal" And Enslave Americans...

Beck: Americans Will Be Put "In A Pretty Little Box With A Nice Pink Ribbon Around It" And Delivered "To China As A Little Worker Bee." In January 2011 Beck told Congress to "shut the pie hole" and added:

Could we just take the time and talk about real issues so we don't tie America up in a pretty little box with a nice pink ribbon around it and deliver the population of the United States of America to China as a little worker bee? Oh, we'll have a lovely, lovely place to work soon. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 1/18/11]

Beck Claims China Will "Come Over Here And Rape Our Mountains For Coal." In November 2010, Beck warned, "The United States of America is no longer the global superpower. China is." He added:

At some point you as a country need to take care of your own people. There's a little something called self-preservation that Americans seemingly have forgotten. And at some point China says, "We gotta take care of our own." If you don't think they'll come over here and rape our mountains for the coal, especially if we've dishonored their debt -- They warned us, "Don't dishonor our investment." That's a quote: "Don't dishonor our investment." We're going to stand up and say "[[']]No, you're not taking that. No, you can't have that oil in the gulf as repayment?" You really think? With two billion people they could just drop people from the sky, and they -- They don't run out of people before we lose. I mean, people without parachutes. They just drop people, and we lose. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Glenn Beck Program, 11/23/11]

Beck: Tea Party Is Trying To "Make Sure That Our Children Aren't Sold As Slaves To China." In September 2010, Beck said that the Tea Party is not "radical" but that it is trying "to save the country, save the Constitution and make sure that our children aren't sold as slaves to China." [Premiere Radio Networks, The Glenn Beck Program, 9/20/10]

Beck: "Do You Think It'll Be Better When Russia Takes Alaska? When We Have To Sell It To China And The Gulf?" In November 2009, Beck said:

Now let me ask you, environmentalists, because we're gonna go broke -- California, you're gonna go broke. And you won't -- You won't bail yourself out now by getting the resources safely with American technology. The rest of the country, we won't do that either. We won't go and get the coal, and we won't burn it because of bogus climate warning -- climate -- global warming, climate details. We won't go get it. We won't go up into Alaska.

But do you think it'll be better when Russia takes Alaska? When we have to sell it to China and the Gulf? When we have to sell those reserves, and somebody else comes in, and we can't say anything about it? Do you think your environment is gonna be better or worse? If you think that America is just this hate-filled place, do you think when the rest of the world is in charge of you, of us, not that we have to be in charge of everybody else, just mind your own business. Do you think we're better off here or they're better off and more enlightened over there? [Premiere Radio Network, The Glenn Beck Program, 11/30/09]

Beck "Wargame[s]" A Scenario In Which China Takes Over The World. In October 2010, Beck played out a "wargame" that ended with the United States and the rest of the world becoming a "slave" to China. He then reminded his audience that China, as policy, "drowns people in rice patties as a one child policy." [Premiere Radio Networks, The Glenn Beck Program, 10/21/10]

...And Claiming That China Is "The New Goal"

Beck: "China Is The New Goal...Why Do You Think There Are So Many Maoists Hanging Around The White House?" In March 2010, Beck said:

You ask anybody who really looks at global politics and they will tell you, China is the new goal.

Why do you think there are so many Maoists hanging around the White House? Ron Bloom, Anita Dunn, Van Jones. Because this is where we're headed unless we put the brakes on. It's not a place you want to live. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 3/3/10]

Beck: "It's Almost Like We're Living In Mao's China Right Now." In October 2009, Beck criticized the Entertainment Industry Foundation for being involved in social causes, and said: "It is almost like we're living in Mao's China right now!" [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 10/19/09]

Beck: The United States Is "Moving Towards China, China Is The Model." In March 2010, Beck played audio of Andy Stern, former president of the Service Employees International Union, discussing globalization, and said:

We don't want global government but Andy Stern does. The rest of the world is moving in this fashion. I'm going to show you tonight, I'll show you a little chart, we're moving towards China, China is the model. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Glenn Beck Program, 3/3/10]

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