Fox News Cooks Up Campaign Contribution Out Of Fund That Can't Fund Campaigns


Fox News has fabricated the claim that a $10 annual fee approved by the National Education Association (NEA) for the next five years will be used to fund President Obama's re-election campaign. But the fee is intended to combat anti-union ballot initiatives and cannot be used to support campaigns.

Fox Falsehood: $10 Fee Will Go To President Obama's Re-Election Campaign

Fox's Bolling: The Fee Is A "10-Buck Bump In Dues Per Member To Be Used To Re-Elect President Obama." On the July 5 edition of Follow The Money, Eric Bolling stated:

BOLLING: That was Joe Biden from the NEA teachers convention in Chicago over the weekend. The teachers mega union so smitten with Joe B. and the liberal left, they agreed to a 10-buck bump in dues per member to be used to re-elect President Obama. Let me see: three million teachers, 10 bucks a piece, 30 million reasons for big Joe to spend the Fourth in Chicago. Tony, I'm not sure I want my teachers so involved--Why is the NEA--It's more a political movement than a teachers union. [Fox Business, Follow The Money with Eric Bolling, 7/5/11]

Fox: "Union Members Taxed $10 To Front Re-Election." During the July 5 edition of Fox & Friends, the following graphic appeared on screen:

[Fox News, Fox & Friends, 7/5/11]

Fox Called Dues "President's Campaign Cash." During the July 6 edition of Fox & Friends, the following graphic appeared on screen:

[Fox News, Fox & Friends, 7/6/11]

FACT: The Fund Is Geared Toward Fighting Anti-Union Ballot Initiatives And Cannot Support Campaigns

The Chicago Tribune Reported The Increase Was Approved "Specifically To Confront State And Local Efforts To Limit Collective Bargaining Rights." The Chicago Tribune reported that the National Education Association "approved a $10 per-member fee increase for the next five years, specifically to confront state and local efforts to limit collective bargaining rights for many public workers as has happened in Wisconsin and Ohio, [NEA President Dennis] Van Roekel said." [Chicago Tribune, 7/5/11]

Education Week: "These Fund Can't Support Campaigns." According to Education Week's Teacher Beat blog, delegates to the National Education Association's Representative Assembly "approved the amendment to the bylaws that authorize the $10-per-member annual assessment, 60 percent of which will be used primarily to support the Ballot Measure/Legislative Crisis fund, and the other 40 percent for national and state media campaigns. These funds can't support campaigns but can support messaging and action against things like anti-collective bargaining legislation. [Education Week, Teacher Beat, 7/4/11, emphasis added]

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