Editor & Publisher Reportedly Dismisses Staff

››› ››› JOE STRUPP

At least one report has numerous staffers at Editor & Publisher, my former home, being dismissed.

Tony Case, a former E&P staffer and veteran media reporter, writes on his blog:

We've been hearing that Mark Fitzgerald, top editor of newspaper-industry mag Editor & Publisher, and possibly other edit staffers were FIRED via e-mail by owner Duncan McIntosh. We've been unable to confirm it this evening (neither Fitzgerald nor others there immediately answered our e-mails). But tellingly, Fitzgerald's name is suddenly, suspiciously missing from the masthead of the E&P site. (Jeff Fleming, longtime associate editor and publisher for McIntosh's publications, is now listed as EIC of E&P.) A publisher of enthusiast titles like Boating World, McIntosh bought E&P this past January, two weeks after owner The Nielsen Co. gave the staff a very special Christmas present by abruptly closing down their magazine and giving them all the shaft.

E&P, long the bible of the newspaper businss, was shutdown late last year by former owners at Nielsen & Co., then reborn under new management in January. But it apparently has hit the slide of advertising that affected all media outlets. No word if the magazine will continue in another way.

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