Rush: "We Don't Need RINOs Cutting Deals With Imam Obama"


By Adam Shah

Rush spent most of his opening monologue complaining about Stephen Colbert's testimony before Congress. Moving on to more serious matters, he attacked conservatives and Republicans who were not enthusiastically supporting GOP Senate candidates Joe Miller from Alaska and Christine O'Donnell from Deleware. Rush stated that we don't need any more RINOs cutting deals with "Imam Obama." He also said that he'd vote for Mickey Mouse or a rat if it would vote against Obama. Rush closed out the first hour by singling out Charles Krauthammer and Jonah Goldberg as people who need to call for Sen. Lisa Murkowski to get out of the Alaska senate race.

Rush later moved on to attacking President Obama for his United Nations speech. Rush claimed that Obama was bashing Israel by talking about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, however, praised Obama's speech. Rush also discussed Obama's statement in his UN speech that Wall Street caused the financial crisis. Limbaugh said that in some parts of the world, " 'Wall Street' is shorthand for the Jews," and let his listeners draw their own conclusions about what Obama was doing. Turning to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's 9/11 truther comments before the UN, Rush claimed that some of Ahmadinejad's speech sounded a lot like Democrats' "talking points."

It was open-line Friday, and because of a question from a caller, Rush spent a large part of the third hour talking about what type of private jet he liked best. But he did have one new political thing to say: Rush speculated that the stock markets were doing well, in part, because the Federal Reserve is trying to help Obama. Rush said that they did the same thing in causing the financial crisis in 2008 and passing the TARP.

Here are some highlights from today's show:

Limbaugh: "We don't need RINOs cutting deals with Imam Obama"

Limbaugh: "I should have won" Nobel Peace Prize "given that a hoax and a hoax master won the thing"

Limbaugh: Democrats' "talking points" are "similar" to those of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Limbaugh: Obama blamed Wall Street for global recession; "in some parts of the world ... Wall Street is shorthand for the Jews"

Limbaugh repeats false claims about FDA's reason to revisit Avastin approval, invokes "death panels"

Limbaugh: "If Mickey Mouse could get on the ballot and would vote against the Obama agenda, I would support" him

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