Don't blame me, I "vote[d]" for the unqualified "flake" with the "checkered background"


Right-wing media figures have called GOP senatorial candidate Christine O'Donnell "a bit of a flake," not "qualified as [a] leader," and someone with a "checkered background" who does not "evince the characteristics of rectitude and truthfulness and sincerity and character." Nevertheless, these media figures have endorsed O'Donnell because, in the words of Karl Rove: "I'm for the Republicans in each and every case."

Right-wing media attack O'Donnell as "a bit of a flake" with a "checkered background" -- but would support her anyway

Kristol says O'Donnell is "a bit of a flake," but he'd still be "inclined to vote for her in the general election." On the September 19 edition of Fox Broadcasting Co.'s Fox News Sunday, Fox News contributor Bill Kristol said that O'Donnell "is a bit of a flake, I think -- or has been a bit of a flake in the past." Kristol also stated during the segment, "I think if I were in Delaware, I'd be inclined to vote for her in the general election."

Power Line's Hinderaker: O'Donnell is not "qualified as [a] leader," but he would still vote for her. In a September 18 Power Line post, John Hinderaker wrote: "[I]f I were a resident of Delaware, I would vote for O'Donnell. That is because she is far preferable to her 'bearded Marxist' opponent. But O'Donnell is, nevertheless, a lousy candidate." Hinderaker later wrote: "Those who seek high office need to be qualified as leaders. They must be thoughtful and intelligent; they must have accomplishments in the public, or, better yet, the private sphere. Christine O'Donnell has none of the above qualities."

Rove attacks O'Donnell's "checkered background" and lack of "truthfulness," but he's "for the Republicans in each and every case." On the September 14 edition of Fox News' Hannity, Fox News contributor Karl Rove said that O'Donnell has a "checkered background" and later said: "I've met her. ... I've got to tell you, I wasn't, frankly, impressed as her, you know, abilities as a candidate. And again, these serious questions about how does she make her living, why did she mislead voters about her college education, how come it took her nearly two decades to pay her college bill so she could get her college degree. How does she make a living? Why did she sue a well-known and well-thought-of conservative think tank?" Rove further suggested that O'Donnell does not "evince the characteristics of rectitude and truthfulness and sincerity and character that the voters are looking for." However, on the September 16 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom, Rove discussed his criticism of O'Donnell and said, "Look, I endorsed her the other night; I said I'm for the Republicans in each and every case. I mean, I was one of the first to do it."

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