Limbaugh Sub Davis: O'Donnell Win "Taught All The Elites A Lesson"


Mark Davis was the substitute host for today's Rush Limbaugh Show, and his main focus was Christine O'Donnell's win in the Delaware Senate Republican primary and what it means for the conservative movement and the Republican Party.

Davis's argument boiled down to the idea that "holding your nose" and voting for a more moderate candidate like Mike Castle is "so 2007" and that in 2010, conservatives need to back fellow conservatives like O'Donnell to stop what he described as the "neo-socialist" slide in the country under Obama.

Davis said that it pained him to disagree with someone he "love[s]" like columnist Charles Krauthammer, but he indicated that Krauthammer may need to be "psychoanalyze[d]" to understand his opposition to O'Donnell. He described Krauthammer's position as that of a "hero" who is "dead wrong." Davis argued that in order to defeat President Obama in 2012, it would be necessary to deliver a "blow" to his presidency in 2010 by voting in the midterms. Davis argued that ultimately O'Donnell's win was a lesson to Karl Rove and other elites "who dare" to dictate what sort of Republicans can be candidates.

Davis explained to a caller that he isn't interested in common ground with the left, but wants to beat them. In a later exchange with another caller, Davis said that conservatives shouldn't get in the mud like Democrats and should take the high road in campaigns.

Highlights from today's show:

Limbaugh fill-in Davis: O'Donnell win taught lesson to Rove, "elites ... who dare to tell us what kind of Republican we can have"

Limbaugh fill-in Davis: "No chance to get rid of the Obama presidency" in 2012 "if we don't deliver it a blow in 2010"

Limbaugh fill-in Davis: "I don't want common ground with the left, I want to beat them"

Limbaugh fill-in Davis laments that "hero" Krauthammer is "dead wrong" about O'Donnell

Rush Limbaugh
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