Limbaugh: Obama's "Wreck-onomics" Have Created A "Trail Of Tears"

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Rush began today's show with a rant about President Obama and the policies Limbaugh later dubbed "wreck-onomics" and blamed for creating a "trail of tears and destructions." In his opening tirade, Limbaugh suggested that the president has become a "caricature" of a "bumbling, unfocused, destructive politician," claimed that Obama's "word can't be trusted," and called Obama "out of touch" and a "disingenuous guy." Rush then transitioned from attacks on Obama's character to attacks on his economic policies, claiming that the President is "waging war on the entire private sector" and is "destroying the lives of Americans from all walks of life."

Limbaugh then delved into the controversy surrounding the Islamic community center located near Ground Zero. Rush claimed that the site would not be a community center at all, but instead a "recruitment location" for terrorists. Rush also criticized Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, who will be the spiritual leader of the proposed center's religious activities, highlighting his comments from an interview with CNN's Soledad O'Brien and suggesting that they were "blackmail" or "some kind of a threat." Limbaugh even went so far as to claim that Imam Rauf's comments were "exactly how terrorists negotiate." In fact, Rauf's comments echo those of national security experts who have warned of the security implications of anti-Muslim protests.

Limbaugh also speculated about a potential rift between Hillary Clinton and President Obama. He joined the right-wing chorus distorting her comments about the federal debt at a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations to suggest she was attacking Obama. Limbaugh also discussed an article in The Atlantic in which Cuban leader Fidel Castro stated that the "Cuban model doesn't even work for us anymore." Rush saw this as an attempt by Castro to appeal to his "simpatico" in the White House, "Barack Hussein Imam Obama," to drop the Cuban trade embargo.

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