Fox Nation promotes Mattera's false accusation that Frank has "experience" running a brothel


In a video promoted by The Fox Nation, Jason Matterra made the false accusation that Rep. Barney Frank has "experience" running a brothel, a reference to discredited allegations that Frank was aware of a brothel being run out of his apartment. In fact, the House ethics committee in 1990 cleared Frank of those allegations, which Mattera himself eventually acknowledged in the video.

Mattera ambushes Frank, revives tired and debunked "brothel" accusation

Mattera pushes false accusation that Frank has "experience" running a brothel. In video promoted by The Fox Nation, Matterra approached Frank and commented: "With the bad economy and all, do you think you could give me advice on how to start my own brothel? You have experience in these matters. Maybe I could make some extra cash on the side." Mattera went on to accuse Frank of having a brothel "running out of your apartment." The allegation has been thoroughly debunked, and Mattera offered no evidence to support his claim.

Mattera eventually acknowledges that House committee cleared Frank. In the video, Mattera eventually stated: "I know your buddies on the House cleared you, but you didn't think something was up?"

Fox Nation linked to video with headline: "Barney Frank Ambushed: 'How Do You Run a Brothel?' " From the Fox Nation accessed April 14:

House ethics committee cleared Frank

Frank requested House investigation into relationship, allegations. An August 30, 1989, Guardian article reported that Frank "asked the House ethics committee ... to investigate his relationship with" Stephen Gobie, the man who was investigated for allegedly running a prostitution ring out of Frank's Washington, D.C., apartment:

In his letter to the ethics committee, Mr. Frank wrote: 'Questions have been raised about my employment of a personal assistant during a period between 1985 and 1987. I have publicly responded to these questions and I have expressed regret for the mistaken judgment involved. In order to ensure that the public record is clear, I hereby request that the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct [CSOC, commonly known as the ethics committee] conduct an investigation into these matters.'

House ethics committee cleared Frank of "knowledge of prostitution activities involving third parties alleged to have taken place in his apartment." The House ethics committee absolved Frank of allegations that he was aware that Gobie was allegedly using Frank's apartment for prostitution. As the July 20, 1990, ethics committee report concluded (Page 18):

Based upon information obtained under subpoena and sworn testimony, the Committee concludes that the weight of the evidence indicates that Representative Frank did not have either prior or concomitant knowledge of prostitution activities involving third parties alleged to have taken place in his apartment. ... Representative Frank's landlords ... submitted sworn testimony contradicting Mr. Gobie's assertion. ... The Committee, therefore, further concludes that no further action is warranted.

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