Mark Levin reports role in Giuliani attack on Clinton


On the September 14 edition of his nationally syndicated talk show, conservative radio host Mark Levin took credit for a new advertisement by Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani's campaign attacking Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY). Levin said that he met with Giuliani on September 11 at Fox News host Sean Hannity's 2007 Freedom Concert and suggested that the former New York mayor link Clinton with the liberal group and demand that she and other Democratic presidential candidates denounce the group's September 10 advertisement in The New York Times criticizing Gen. David Petraeus. As Media Matters for America documented, Giuliani's ad misrepresented Clinton's position on the 2002 congressional resolution authorizing the president to use force in Iraq.

Levin went on to describe Media Matters as a "phony group," claiming that it is linked to "Hillary Rotten and her husband, 'BJ' Bill Clinton." In fact, Media Matters is not affiliated with any political candidate or party.

From the September 14 edition of ABC Radio Networks' The Mark Levin Show:

LEVIN: Good evening my friends, this is Mark Levin. Our number is 877-381-3811 -- 877-381-3811. We did our analysis yesterday of the president's speech. Right there, right after his speech. No need to do more of that today, unless, of course, you want to talk about it. I don't know how much more can be said about, the sleazeball operation that was set up in 1998 by the Clintonoids with their hemorrhoids. Funded by billionaires Peter Lewis and George Soros to fight Clinton's impeachment, and has been a Clinton front group ever since. And she is

When I was at the Freedom Concert in New Jersey on Tuesday, I met briefly with Rudy Giuliani with Sean [Hannity], and I told Rudy Giuliani, " should be linked to Hillary Clinton." I told him that every presidential candidate on that Democrat side, we should demand that they denounce this organization and what they have done. And little did I know that he was actually listening to me. It's the right thing to do. This is a Clinton front group, that's why she hasn't denounced it. 'Cause she likes it, she believes in it. We have all kinds of sordid groups out there that are linked to Hillary Rotten and her husband, "BJ" Bill Clinton. This, what is this, Council for American Progress, that's a phony group, Media Matters, a phony group,, a phony group, and on and on. They all work together. They're all using different parts of the tax code as they try to slime their way to office.

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